57% of the energy in Scotland is covered by renewable sources

The latest report published by the Department of Energy and Climate UK, shows that in 2015 57, 7% of the total consumption of electricity in Scotland was covered by renewable sources.

This result was achieved in spite of the recent decision of the British government to close the state subsidies for onshore wind power a year earlier than originally planned.

Proponents tout the success of clean energy initiatives, renewable energy the Scottish National Party, and indicate the statistics as evidence that by 2030 the country could become the first in the EU, fully covering its energy needs from renewable sources.

"Independent research has shown that it is in Scotland have every chance in 2030 to have a reliable, efficient power supply system that is almost entirely provided by renewable sources," said the Head of WWF Scotland Banks Lang (Lang Banks). "Following this goal, we will be able to maximize the opportunities for job creation, support for communities and economic renewal throughout the country».

The main sources of renewable energy in Scotland are the wind, waves and tides, which together account for about 80% of the capacity of renewable energy sources in the country. By the end of 2015 the country had 7, 723 MW of installed capacity, generating 21, 983 gigawatts. This is a significant result, thanks to which 22 days in January this year the amount of electricity generated by the wind, was enough to provide electricity to every home in the country.


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