What was known about the Tesla Model 3

Prior to the presentation of new products, a successful Elon Musk of Tesla Model 3 was known to many. Let me remind you that this is not the only presentation, but only the first part of the cycle. Will 2 and possibly 3 rd performance mask, where he will talk about additional possibilities electric.

What became known during the presentation and after it? For example, after the publication of a series of photos salon Tesla Model 3, some web users made known dissatisfaction - they say, is too standard. Musk said that this is not the final version of the interior. The company intends to change the appearance of vehicles, making it a futuristic, and in general, electric vehicle management system will be more like an analogue of the space ship (presumably, the production of Space X). The rest - under the cut.

It is also known that the electric vehicle will be equipped with top-end security systems. In addition, Model 3 would maintain the standard Supercharge fast charging, this even applies to the basic version.

All versions of the "troika" will be equipped with an autopilot (with some, especially advanced, autopilot functions will need to re-buy). The minimum cruising range electric vehicle - 350 kilometers


All this will change

Model 3 is shipped to customers will begin no earlier than the end of 2017. This is already known that the pre-orders for the car received 2 times more than planned (now more than 270 thousand), so do not know if Tesla is able to handle the load. It is possible that there will be setbacks terms. By Model X problems started already, by the way - instead of 4500 electric company was able to deliver in the first quarter of 2400. The total order is only 16,000 Tesla Motors was able to perform not only supplied 14,820 freight cars

. CEO also said that the average price of Tesla Model 3 will be about $ 42,000 (this is including all fees, taxes, etc.). Earlier it was reported that the cost of the basic version of the machine without taxes is $ 35,000.

Navigation with music

In carrying out the pre-order on the electric car buyer should make a "deposit" in the amount of $ 1,000. If the buyer changes his mind, the money can be returned later. Nevertheless, 276,000 pre-orders Tesla mean additional funds in the amount of $ 276 million. They can not be used freely, but some goals regulators allowed to spend the funds.

The base model - rear wheel drive, with the option of installing a second motor, and the transition to all-wheel drive. The cost of the transition will be less than $ 5,000 according to the mask.

The drag coefficient - 0, 21.

And as has been reported above, the design of the car interior will change. How all this will look like in the final version is not yet clear.

While this is all waiting for further information from the mask. He occasionally gives additional information - if not in his Twitter account, in an interview to any publication.


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