How many millions Really I Spent Gutseriev at the wedding of the Son

On Saturday March 26 the Ingush billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev has arranged a wedding for his son Said. And not just any wedding celebration and luxury, which were Russian and foreign stars of the first magnitude, and the couple were congratulated by 600 guests, among whom was the first president of Ingushetia, Ruslan Aushev. The journalists already do calculations and figured that the wedding cost many times higher than the costs of Ingushetia budget on key social needs of the country. But first things first.

Mikhail Gutseriev is interesting because he is not only an entrepreneur and owner of the largest companies, but also a member of the Union of Russian Writers and songwriter. His songs - in the repertoire of Christina Aguilera, Stas Mikhailov, Philip Kirkorov. According to "Forbes", the state Gutseriev is 2, 8 billion dollars. It is included in the list of the twenty richest developers of the world.

The wedding celebration was held in the capital's house "Safisa" celebrations, and training was ambitious: the whole week there was something built, brought baskets of flowers, in general, prepared

. Finally, on Saturday 26 March it is time to have fun. In the morning near the "Safisa" armed guard was exhibited. Entrance to the concert hall on the street, the entire first floor and the place itself celebrations were decorated with thousands of live flowers. On the feast I was invited about 600 people, met and accompanied dear guests personally Mikhail Gutseriev, and entertain them came Elton John, Sting, Patricia Kaas, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Enrique Iglesias. Russian artists also not left behind: the audience were entertained by the ensemble "Lezginka", Alla Pugacheva, Christina Aguilera, Stas Mikhailov


By choosing a bride for 28-year-old Said's family Gutserievs treated very seriously, looking for the right girl for four years


They found: Khadija Uzhakhovs native of Ingushetia, her 19 years, she is studying in MSMSU name Yevdokimov at the dentist. And she's a real beauty.

On her wedding Khadija was a stunning white gown with a long train of fashion house Elie Saab weighing 25 kilos; he ordered in France.

Talking about the cost of the dress: here opinions differ. Some sources reported that the dress was worth 25 million rubles, and crown - 5 million euros, so the whole outfit cost about 400 million rubles. Other sources indicated amount is much more modest - about 1 million rubles


Gutseriev has not stinted on the decoration of the hall celebrations: one floristic composition cost him around 200 thousand dollars - almost 14 million rubles


Also, a considerable sum to spend on fees of stars. It is said to invite to a private party Elton John worth 7 million euros, but Jennifer Lopez is much cheaper - 1-1, 5 million euros

. I must say that for the money the artists gave it to the fullest. J. Lo is not so easy spared himself, several times changed clothes and even congratulated the newlyweds from the scene with the words "Wedding and Khadija Said - it was sweet!»

Sting, Patricia Kaas and Alla Pugacheva pleased with their performances. older viewers. B>

Alla Pugacheva performed under the curtain, singing "Love Is Like a Dream" and "Invite the lady to dance," and finally, personally congratulated the young, saying that the most beautiful thing in the world - to see it and feel close to their happiness is

Enrique Iglesias also tried my best.

It is impossible to talk about the wedding and the Caucasus not to mention the food, which treated her. And the meals were for all tastes - and traditional Caucasian and rice, and sushi ... and a mandatory attribute - tall wedding cake with a crescent and a star on top


Completed celebration of the incredible beauty and power salute, which is heard, probably, all west of the capital.

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