World stars, but of small stature, who looks at Andrei Gubin Top Down

While people complain that they have not "model" growth and this hinders them to achieve something there, these Hollywood stars have shown that growth - is not a hindrance order to gain worldwide fame and huge capital

! Reese Uizerspun

Height - 156 cm (Gubin + 1 cm). This cute girl, shot to fame thanks to the "Legally Blonde", successfully uses his puppet proportions.


Height - 157 cm (Gubin + 2 cm). Colombian singer all my life from complexes because of their small stature. And in vain, because it is the most desirable woman of the planet.

Christina Agilera

Height - 157 cm (Gubin + 2 cm). Pretty, is not characterized by high growth, is still one of the most desirable women. And by the way, it has as many as 6 Grammys!

Kim Kardashian

Height - 159 cm (Gubin + 4 cm). Kim Pretty to look taller wearing shoes with heels or platform.

Vanessa Paradi

Height - 160 cm (Gubin + 5 cm). Even without a model parameters, Vanessa stole Johnny Depp Kate Moss.

Rooney Mara

Height - 160 cm (Gubin + 5 cm). Despite the fact that Rooney is not too high, it already has a prize at the Cannes Film Festival Best Actress.

Natalie Portman

Height - 160 cm (Gubin + 5 cm). There is an old Hollywood joke that if the producers do not have enough money to invite shooting Natalie Portman, they call agents Keira Knightley. The thing is that the girls are very similar, except that Kira growth of 10 cm more.

Scarlett Johansson

Height - 160 cm (Gubin + 5 cm). This Hollywood beauty is also not characterized by high growth, however, it is one of the most sought-after actresses. And all thanks to the charm and fascination of a damn.

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