How old beautiful: 10 lessons of French women under 50

These women are quietly wear skirts above the knee, they look great, even if the California standards their skin is not perfect, they are not afraid to grow old and feel comfortable at my age. < Website describes how the French cope with aging.

In his famous soliloquy "To disappear after fifty women" Zhvanetskiy speaks about the phenomenon, which is typical for our latitude - girls grow into young women, then - in young women, and then disappear. They're not in a cafe, not on the streets, not in the fashion stores, they are not seen and not heard. In fact, this phenomenon is not unique to Russia - American journalist Rebecca Planter wrote the book «Lessons beautiful aging: the secret of French women», where opposition to the American Society of the French. American women after forty years, often waving the hand and "go into the shadows," says Rebecca, and that they are very different from French women who continue to live to the fullest and 50, and 60 and 70 years.

"When I moved to France, I was struck by the number of beautiful and elegant women in their fifties in the streets, in cafes, at exhibitions, in expensive stores. These women are quietly wear skirts above the knee, they look great, even if the California standards their skin is not perfect, they are not afraid to grow old and feel comfortable at my age ... »

Taking up the study of this phenomenon, the American came to the conclusion that "the noble aging" is a consequence of a very special attitude to life and to his peculiar French in general. < Savoir vivre - «the ability to live beautifully" - has nothing to do with money and status, is the ability to fill your life with the pleasures that ultimately extends the "female age»


active lifestyle will remain active until the old French vozrastaVo active recreation is part of the national culture, and age to give is not accepted from him. The French go hiking, climb mountains, love kayak, play tennis, run in the park, skiing, etc. This is a way of life, not a commitment to the sport -.. Just in society adopted in the winter to ski with your family and summer to do something different to the best sports, but active. Even on vacation the French prefer to go somewhere where you have to do something, not just lie in the sun belly up. In this serious sports peretruzhdaetsya French themselves do not, unlike some Americans turned, said Rebecca - any abuse is harmful to women's well-being

sense of humor as a powerful antioksidantZnamenity French sarcasm helps French women do not perceive their age and aging. as a drama. No other language does not have such a number of proverbs and jokes on "Baba berry again" and the second period, "passion", which occurs in 40-50 years.

Food as religiyaVsem known that the French are obsessed with food, but Unlike the Americans, they have this obsession translates into the desire to eat refined and beautiful, but not much. French women do very little to eat, enviously says Rebecca. And with the years when the financial opportunities allow, obsession with beauty and taste of the process is reinforced - French often eat in restaurants and cafes, enjoying a mini-meals, wine and good company. All this, of course, makes it more or less stay in the original size, a critical difference in weight at 20 and 40 years of what is seen in American women, French women have no sighs journalist.

With age, the French can afford more instead mensheOschuschenie is, Rebecca writes that a healthy egoism French girls absorb with their mother's milk. With age, when children grow up and require less attention, the French quietly switched on. Spend more money for their pleasure, allow yourself to travel without a family, buying more expensive clothes. Frenchwoman forty years will not be tormented by pangs of conscience currently buying good shoes instead of a game console for teenage son. And it will not even consider it only right decision: "If you want console - go to work." Sitting with their grandchildren in France is not accepted, no one takes grandmothers both free babysitters.

With age clothes in the wardrobe less, but it is considerably more expensive than the best quality. Even women with an average income buy their expensive and comfortable things - cashmere, silk, good shoes and at least one expensive bag. All in all it develops in the elegant style of mature women who so admired by tourists.

With age, the social life is eroding, and more naoborotV Unlike American women who often prefer TV and home leisure of social life, the French, especially in large cities, are becoming more active. The children have grown up and do not require constant attention, life is adjusted - it's time to go to parties, guests, good bars, cinema, biennial and so on. Active social life keeps in good shape - cutting, styling, manicured hands, beautiful clothes on the yield and - necessarily - comfortable shoes with heels

Age -. Not a disease and does not require lecheniyaFrantsuzhenki (and French) comfortable with the age and wrinkles, too obvious artificial lift-utjazhki cause rather sneer (as is the case with Catherine Deneuve, for example). Unlike American women addicted to the idea of ​​preserving youth, the French believe that in the absence of a certain age wrinkles of a woman - probably a sign of the presence of mental health problems than the cause for envy. In France, the highly developed hardware maintenance cosmetology, and much less popular cosmetic surgery and Botox.

At any age can wear what you idetFrantsuzhenki calmly wear skirts above the knee and tight leggings to the very old age. In France, there is no concept of "clothes for his age," mother and daughter often can buy clothes of the same brand. It is clear that with age, taste and financial possibilities of change, and often preferred the more expensive classic style, but in no other country in the world do not have such a large number of women 40-60 years old in small dresses and tight pants, jeans.

No age limits for sexuality or sexual zhizniNaoborot in France is considered to be that after forty comes second youth - much has been achieved, much assimilated, it's time to enjoy it is still good physical form and experience, the son of errors difficult. This is both good and bad, says Rebecca, a well - because it affects the self-perception of women, bad - because it is at this age period is the peak of divorces

With age, everything is possible, but in moderation kolichestvahVino, late meal. and even cigarettes - Rebecca describes her girlfriend-Frenchwoman of 52 years, who smoked even one cigarette a day with a coffee after breakfast. This friend smoked for many years and abandoned, but felt that the pleasure of coffee with a cigarette is more useful than the stress of a complete failure.

In general, it concludes an American, the most important thing - respect for yourself and your age. A key lesson from the French women, aging beautifully - do not be lazy to live with pleasure. This concept includes everything from delicious food and sex to beautiful things, favorite hobbies and travel. This is the manifesto of a beautiful French fifty years that drinking a glass of wine in a cafe overlooking the Champs Elysees - «I'm under 50zrelaya woman, I achieved a lot and enjoy themselves, the city and this moment» <. br>


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