15 films, which result in the visual ecstasy

There are films whose meaning is brought to the viewer thanks to a perfect visual form. In these pictures every small detail, they hit their scenes and their unique atmosphere remains in the memory

Website is assembled such films -. Different in genre, but equally impressive for its style.

Delicatessen Delicatessen

Before fame with "Amelie" director Jean-Pierre Jeunet made a name for itself thanks to the screwball comedy "Delicatessen". The film is a bit like a comic: it is made in yellowish colors and featuring original sepia. As a result, a feeling as if the events in the film are developed out of time: no past and no future. All fans of "Amelie" is recommended for viewing!

Science of Sleep La science des rêves

"The Science of Sleep" - a wonderland created from fascinating materials at hand. Cellophane water, cloth toys, covered with white sheets snowy peaks, the clouds made of cotton - all dreams by the protagonists. The film is original, unusual, and in its wake. Incredible worlds mixed with reality, and sometimes even unclear where it ends dream and reality begins.

She Her

The film "It" has become one of the most striking and unusual works of contemporary cinema. Along with the original story is worth mentioning the special atmosphere of the film - the first thing that draws the viewer to the screen. Gently seasoned tone, clothing, a city with skyscrapers and stunning panoramic views - and you already feel in the near future, so distant that fully believe that everything will be so in a few years

Inside Lewin Davis Inside Llewyn Davis

Against the background of high-quality director and scenario work in this film, you do not miss the amazing picture and operator "chips": gray and cool tones, enveloping the whole story, static long-range and short-range plans, perspectives, creating an unusual atmosphere that travels the protagonist with a cat become like a real dream.

Tree of Life The Tree of Life

Philosophical themes, talk about God, meditative scenes and the almost complete lack of action - all this gives life itself "picture" of the film. This film, which won the cinematography and directing, and acting. Comments are superfluous, we recommend to evaluate it for themselves.

Speed ​​Racer Speed ​​Racer

"Speed ​​Racer" - thermonuclear-color and acid, in a good way, the film. Such a riot of color in the film still look! Brightness is built in the absolute. The first 20 minutes is very unusual to monitor what is happening on the screen. But then accustomed eyes, and such a juicy picture remains in the head.

Enter the Void Enter the Void

Directed by Gaspar Noé hands of a skilled operator has achieved amazing quality shot. narrative feature plunges the viewer by surprise, showing scenes of amazing integrity, pure theatricality, when we follow the continuous action for quite an impressive time. And thanks to the extravaganza of colors and images of the neon of Tokyo, the movie just sucked into the screen, and you live together with the main character.


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This film discreetly immerses you into their world, beckoning like a dope. And this is dope you already confusing picture film with the surrounding pictures of reality. He slowly and gently flowing that you have time to think about everything with the characters in the film.

The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby

Visuals of this picture can be savored for hours. He is awesome! The first thing that catches your eye - the beauty of shooting and editing skills. Stunning scenery, dynamic scenes parties, the rapid pursuit pose on the big screen world of US 20's, the world prosperity and glamor world of jazz - how do you want to get there!

I - Cuba Soy Cuba

Before the start of filming director Mikhail Kalatozov received wide ideological carte blanche, and solid financial support that allowed the use of new techniques and methods of cinematography, for example, water-proof camera with a periscope, high-quality wide-angle lenses, and unusual angles. That is why the film is considered one of the best examples of the work of the operator.

Hotel "Grand Budapest» The Grand Budapest Hotel

"The Grand Budapest Hotel," without exaggeration, be called one of the most beautiful works of art. It can not even listen, just watch. Sit back in the armchair and watch if for photos in which the characters move. Though cut any frame and hang in a frame - you will get a real oil painting

Outland, The Fall


So skillfully combine pure surrealism, drama and beautiful fairy tale - it is simply unthinkable luxury for film fans. The viewer is watching a fairy tale, which is a little girl, a story is so vivid that it seems real. The film is better to watch the house at night, with a loud sound and the lights off.

Amadeus Amadeus

With a light hand of Pushkin invented conflict Mozart and Salieri became a legend, which is now everyone knows. This beautiful story can be seen in the movie "Amadeus." Colours, costumes, the music, the scenery of the XVIII century - all wins from the first frame and makes us contemporaries of the main characters.

Cloud Atlas Cloud Atlas

The film lasts for 3 hours, but for such a picture it seems pretty small. Such beauty would like to watch as long as possible. Crisp visuals remembered not only by stunning natural landscapes and futuristic cities, but also due to the strong contrast of short films that make up the film. The painting will remain in your mind for a long time.

Keepers Watchmen

This film captivates with its atmosphere, though a bit dark, but incredibly harmonious. You can show the surface of Mars, the war in Vietnam, meeting old friends over a bottle of beer, a fight with a crowd of criminals - and all of these scenes will be organically combined with each other. It is safe to say that this is a true visual masterpiece. The film certainly will delight in "nasmotrennost" viewer.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom

Eastern people are one with nature. This is evident in everything: in words, in actions, in her eyes. That is what made it a goal of the filmmakers - to portray authentic Asian natural aesthetics. The film is absolutely special thanks to its silent beauty, contemplation, meditative. It is recommended to all lovers of nature.

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