7 sweet breakfast that will delight in your favorite holiday

Women's Day - a good excuse not only for gifts to loved ones, but also for pleasant surprises. Coffee in bed with grilled sausage and burnt scrambled eggs, of course, will be considered as a "surprise", but certainly pleasantly surprise your other half and it will be remembered for a long time only a true masterpiece for breakfast.

As is known, the feast can be everything, so Website offers a pleasing women right from the morning is sweet. We found recipes of dishes that do not require overseas and ingredients for cooking that does not need to be a chef level 80.

Sweet ruletyOchen simple and tasty


pack of cottage cheese sugar to taste strawberries to taste a sheet of thin lavash Preparation:

Mix blender cheese and sugar until smooth. Unveiling a thin pita bread, and not sparing the filling, it lubricates the resulting curd mass. If you have fresh strawberries, cut into slices and lay it on the stuffing. You can use frozen berries: thaw them in advance and let drain in a colander

. We turn off pita stuffed into a neat sausage, give a little soak. Cut into pieces. Decorate as desired whipped cream, berries and syrup. Serve with coffee.

UdovolstvieLegky Fruit dessert for maloezhek


1 grapefruit apple , grapes, banana berries for decoration whipped cream / ice cream / chocolate / sweet curd Preparation:

Take grapefruit, cut off the top, remove the pulp. Pulp cleanse, cut into small pieces. Just cut any fruit in your home: apples, grapes, bananas. Inside baskets put on a variety of whipped cream, melted over medium heat milk chocolate ice cream ball or sweet curd.

On top lay out pieces of fruit. Decorate with berries and mint leaf. Serve with fresh juice or a milkshake.

Cottage cheese sufleRetsept for microwave


300 g of cottage cheese 1 egg Sugar to taste 1 banana half apple Preparation:

By the curd add eggs and sugar and mix well until smooth. Cut slices of banana and apple, add to the cottage cheese mixture, stir gently. We spread the basis of a souffle in a microwave oven suitable for small form and put bake for 5 minutes.

When serving sprinkle with powdered sugar or pour caramel sauce. It can be served with sour cream in a gravy boat. To prepare a dessert of any fruit smoothies.

Paradise yablochkiRetsept oven


100 g of cottage cheese 150g mascarpone sugar vanillin sour apples cream bottle nuts for decoration li > Preparation:

Spoon gently mix the cottage cheese, mascarpone, sugar and vanilla until smooth. We cut off the top of the apples, remove the middle of a way that can be put inside each apple stuffing. We reserve a little stuffing for decoration. Spoon the filling put in each apple, cover with lids.

Carefully shift the apples in a baking dish, greased with butter. Bake until soft apples at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.

Ready apples lay on a platter, pour the soul of every cream, lay the remains of the filling and sprinkle with nuts. Serve with coffee.

Berry desertYarko without baking


2 cups of frozen berries 1 glass of water 0, 5 cups of sugar 1 tbsp. l. gelatin 0, 5 cans of condensed milk Preparation:

The berries are thawed, fill them with half a cup of water and bring to a boil. Gelatine soaked in water until the swelling. Slightly cooled berries through a sieve, add puree sugar and stir well. The swollen gelatin warm up over low heat to completely dissolve the crystals.

We connect with berry puree. Let cool berry puree in a cold water tank. Beat with a mixer at low speed until a stable foam. Put the puree in a container with cold water to cool down completely and stir it with a mixer at low speed until a stable foam.

Pour a thin stream of condensed milk and whisk again. Pour in the a la carte form. Harvesting in the refrigerator until complete solidification. When serving decorate with berries.

Colorful and festive utroMinimum efforts result


1 egg 25 g of sugar for Pancake sugar to taste cream 150 g of flour 150 ml of milk 5 g baking powder 20 g butter 150 g mascarpone berries for decoration liquid honey for decoration a drop of vegetable oil Preparation:

Pancake mix to the egg and sugar, a little whisk mixer. In a small saucepan, heated milk and oil until the oil dissolved, without boiling, and add to the egg. Pour the flour and baking powder, stir with a spoon until smooth and smoothness.

The dough turns out like thick cream. Lightly sprinkle the pan with vegetable oil. Spoon or ladle pour the batter into the pan, fry on both sides until cooked about 2 minutes on each side. Willingness to check toothpick.

Mix the mascarpone with a spoon of sugar to taste. We spread the first Pancake on it - cream. Above another Pancake on it - cream. Decorate with berries and fruit to your liking. You can pour the resulting cake with honey.

Chocolate biskvitSamy simple recipe for a tasty biscuit


4 eggs 3 / 4 cup sugar 3/4 cup of flour 3 tbsp. l. cocoa a pinch of salt chocolate bar any berry or fruit for decoration Preparation: < br>
Egg mixed with sugar and salt. Beat with a mixer for 10 minutes until a stable foam. Mix the flour and cocoa (better sift the mixture through a sieve). Add the flour mixture into the beaten egg with a spoon. not involve too need.

The resulting dough is poured into a baking dish. Bake for 20-30 minutes at 180 degrees. Willingness to check toothpick.

While the cake is cooled, melt the chocolate on low heat. Pour the cake to them. According to your liking decorate with berries or fruit pieces. With coffee fun is guaranteed!

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