"The wife of a poor man's cooking oil, and he sold it to a local grocery ..."

Site again turns to one of our favorite genres - the parable of genres. We publish a short story with a remarkable critical vyvodom.

wife of a poor man's cooking oil, and he sold it to a local grocery. The woman gave the oil form of a circle, which weighed one kilogram. The resulting revenue has been a good help for the family.

But one day the grocer began to doubt the honesty of the poor man who sold his oil, and decided to weigh purchased circles. It was found that each of them is not weighed kg and 900 grams. This is a very angry man.

The next morning, when the poor man again came to the store, the grocer said angrily:

- Do not wear me your oil! I you do not buy, the deceiver! You said that circles weigh a kilogram, while in fact, they 900 grams. I will not let yourself fool!

Poor guy noticeable limp, he lowered his eyes and said:

- We, the owner, is not a measure of the balance ... I have always served as a kilogram of sugar, which I once bought you. According to him, my wife and made butter ...

Remember that your measure will measure and you!

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