10 ways to use body language to your advantage

The power of body language know everything. Someone less, someone more and someone almost everything. For example, Carol Kinsey Goman, author of numerous books and training courses on the effective management and non-verbal communication. < Website published a remarkable list of ten tips that Carol recommended to adopt.

Sit pryamoKerol said that straight posture not only affects your perception of other people, but also on how you think about yourself. Ohio State University study proved that straight back makes a positive impression on the people around you. But the most important thing is that in this position and you start to feel more confident themselves. Social experiments have shown that employees sitting with a flat back, were more confident in their professional qualifications, hunched than their colleagues.

Choose cold drinks at razgovorahDa important, it sounds a bit strange, but the temperature of the drink, which you hold in your hands can affect your perception of the interlocutor. Scientists from Yale University conducted an experiment during which found that people holding a warm drink, think about his unfamiliar partner as a person who is trustworthy. Hence the tendency to a more generous and soft action that sometimes interferes with business meetings. Therefore, during serious negotiations Carol recommends keeping in the hands of cold water or iced coffee.

This leads to the reverse logic: if you want to appease the boss, ask him to drink something hot during a call. But it is not intoxicating

Do not forget to include the left hemisphere mozgaKak experienced and young sportsmen before the performance is often amenable to pressure results and make one common mistake: they are too much focus on their movements, under the responsibility of the right hemisphere of the brain, instead of In order to rely on their automatic motor skills associated with the left hemisphere. Technical University of Munich study showed that athletes are right-handed, left hand gripping the ball before attempting, performed its best, and the probability of failure decreases.

Relax your face, reading e pochtuKerol refers to research at the University of California, where it became clear that people reading the letter with furrowed brows, accept their contents with a negative position. so sit down in a comfortable position at a comfortable distance from the monitor and allow the facial muscles to relax, to objectively treat proposals received by e-mail. < br>
nods taktNavernyaka you've heard that mirroring interlocutor movements improves communication. However, scientists from Stanford University deepen this theme and scaled it to the whole team. They argue that the synchronous movement of the team members, suiting brainstorming while discussing common problems and help find a creative solution. Research suggests that even a simple shake of the head synchronous enhances cooperation and helps to find breakthrough ideas.

shake hands with the partner prior to vstrechiStaroe good handshake determines further cooperation warm. Harvard Business School found that people shake hands before the beginning of negotiations, finally concluded fairer deal than those who go directly to the cause. It is interesting that after the handshake hand were less likely to cheat

Know, people with a low voice over zarabatyvayutUchёnye of Duke University studied 800 executives earnings of US companies, and traced a very interesting pattern:. Decrease in voice frequency 22 Hz increased a salary of $ 187,000. As a rule, people with a deep voice are perceived more imperious, and accordingly, they are. Let us recall the voice of Darth Vader frequency of 85 Hz, the sound of which many in his childhood began to tremble the knees.

Conclusion: Learn how your voice is heard more, and try to reduce it if necessary

Tune zaraneeEsli you ever participated in a theatrical production, you know perfectly well that the stage is necessary. go in the image. The same thing applies to other public performances, usually associated with the work. Why? Scientists at the University of Glasgow have calculated that the brain has time to assess the emotional state of a person in just a fifth of a second. During this time, an insignificant you fail to hide their own, leaving the audience unprepared. Enter the desired emotional state ahead of time and anywhere, but at least in a public toilet.

Do not be afraid pats on plechuMnogochislennye experiments focused on the rise in sales, proving that a simple touch of the manager increased the customer time spent by the customer in the store, and with it the average receipt and satisfaction of shopping. The same pattern is typical for the restaurant business. For example, Cornell University study showed that customers felt a touch on his shoulder, left a big tip. The rule also applies to other areas of life, the main thing - to act carefully so as not to seem too Assertive or familiarity

clenched his fists in a difficult minutuChuvstvuete that you lose control, you run out of willpower, or you can not. resist the environment? < Just squeeze your fists! In this way you will regain self-control, you will be able to make a choice or take difficult action. And no matter what the fabric will be stretched: arm muscles, calf or fingers. This is indicated by a joint study by the National University of Singapore and the University of Chicago. The spirit and the body are united!

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