15 exciting books, from which it is impossible to tear a child

Books - is a wonderful world, which is able to get the child to hide from their parents under the covers and eagerly turn page after page. A good book for children -. It is adult wisdom, told in simple words and a gripping storyline flavored

Website has collected 15 books which are chained to their children and do not let go until the last line

Mark Twain -
"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" Immortal novel, the great writer of the adventures of a charming tomboy Tom Sawyer and his friends. Good humor and unexpected plot twists, the spirit of adventure, and of course, the protagonist, embodies the best features of childhood, easy to find the key to the heart of a small reader.

David Almond - "The boy who was swimming with piranhas" Orphan Erund Stan is forced to work from morning till night at his uncle's fish cannery. Everything changes when the boy decides to escape. The story about growing up, where there was a place of colorful characters, magic, dangerous adventures and morals of how important it is to be yourself.

Olga Gromova - "Sugar baby" A true and moving story of five Ely, which in one moment lost everything: the beloved home, a happy childhood and a father. Its branded an "enemy of the people", and the girl with her mother deported to the camp where they face life on the brink of survival. The novel is based on real events - about freedom, love, hope and the importance of people to remain in any situation


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - "The Little Prince", "Zorko one heart." Wise Tale-parable, which certainly need to reread the child from an early age. It is simple and at the same time earnestly learn to value friendship and love with all your heart, makes you think about what is really most important in life.

Natalia Szczerba - "Chasodei" Vasilisa Ogneva never seen their parents, but twelve years later his father She finds it and decides to take in. In my father's house the girl falls into a different world with a mysterious name Eflara and learns that he is doomed to destruction. Do Vasilisa be able to save it using the powers that inherited from the father-chasodeya?

Neil Gaiman - "Coraline" Coraline with his parents moved to an old house, which finds a secret door that leads to a parallel world. This world is much better than the one in which used to live Coraline: Mom and Dad in the soul is not fer it, and in every way it spoiled. And they live in the basement of the children, who, like Coraline, believe in a false tale underworld.

George. Rowling - A series of books about Harry Potter This cult series of books subdued than one generation of children. The book is a chronicle of the adventures of young wizard Harry Potter, who with the help of courage, love and true friends fighting with the evil sorcerer, suggestive fear in the whole magical world - Lord Voldemort


Lenore Goralik - "Martin does not cry," Children of the family Smith-Thompson from his parents a small box comes at the bottom where they find this speaker elephant named Martin. From that day in the House with one colony begins to happen something difficult: Martin falls in love, meets a ghost Hamster sings Russian romances and even plays the Scottish bagpipes


Robert Stevenson - "Treasure Island" As a result of the mysterious circumstances killed a former sailor Billy Bones, the guest restaurant "Admiral Benbow," which employs a young Jim Hawkins. Jim and his mother, whom Billy owes money for the post, at the bottom of his trunk discover a treasure map of Captain Flint. Jim as a part of a special expedition goes in search of untold riches. Full of unexpected twists and dangerous adventure in which there is a place and cunning pirate, and true friendship.

Harper Lee - "To Kill a Mockingbird" The action takes place during the Great Depression in one of the southern states of America. This is a story told from the face of a little girl, who with childlike naivety and simplicity tries to understand the world and the laws by which society lives. The book is skillfully interwoven children's games, a child fears, racial prejudice and intolerance towards those who in some way is not like most.

CS Lewis - "The Chronicles of Narnia" cycle of works about the magical land in which they live talking animals, wizards good and evil, ruthless conquerors and valiant warriors. Little Lucy finds the door to this world in the wardrobe, and leads to his sister and two brothers. This is the beginning of an exciting adventure through the wonderful country in which they are given destiny is not the last role.

Maria Parr - "Waffle Heart" homely book about the life of a boy Trillo and his neighbor Lena. They live in a small bay called Norwegian Sliver-Mathilde and will always find what to do. "Waffle Heart" - a book that awakens our senses bright restless childishness, children's delight, infinite happiness and genuine love


Philip Pullman - the trilogy "His Dark Materials" Together with his Damon-Panteleimon Lira Belakva goes in search of the kidnapped and the other is the High North, ruled by armored bears, flying witches, seer, and in the sky shines Northern Lights - the road to the other world ...

JRR Tolkien - the trilogy "Lord of the Rings' most famous book is fantasy of the XX century, which tells the story of the brave hobbit Frodo Sam, trying to destroy the great and dangerous One Ring. Capture the imagination world of Middle-earth in which live side by side elves, dwarves, wizards and great people, immerses the reader in the atmosphere of a magical fantasy.

Michael Ende - "Momo" In one town lived an amazing girl Momo: whoever came to her, she listens carefully to everyone, and people gain what they lacked: a timid - courage, shy - confidence, and all without exception - happiness. But because of the desires of the people of the Grey Lords are material and greedy. Momo will overcome the cruel Lord and to remind people about the importance of love.

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