It requires a host for a charming rabbit-giant

Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals (Scotland's Animal Welfare Charity) is looking for a new home for a charming rabbit named Atlas. This Ushastik only 7 months but it has already reached the size of a small dog, and still continues to grow. Because of its non-standard sizes Atlas need a spacious apartment, because he just ordinary cells are small.

For all those wishing to shelter Atlas Website got hold of the phone of the Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals: 03000 999 999.

Atlas is looking forward to moving into a new house

He is very druzheblyubny and loves hugs

Despite its huge size, the Atlas can not yet qualify for the Guinness Book of Records as the largest rabbit planet. That honor now belongs to Ralph the rabbit out of the UK, which weighs 22 kg.

However, Ralph has competitors. Rabbit Darius, the former record holder, weighs 19 kg, and continues to eat, hoping to win the title of the leader again. On the day Darius manage to eat two large cabbage, six apples and carrots twelve.

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