Porsche steals ideas Harry Wu

Recently on the forum lovers Cayenne appeared here such a message by antongetz, in which he proves 100% that Porsche designers steal ideas Harry Wu)
The original text of the message:
Hello everyone. This is my first post in this club, I myself with Goetz club! Our tubers long been observed Cayenne obvious similarity with our machines. Perhaps they had one designer, or simply stolen Porsche many innovations in design. We are very annoying on the road. A couple of years ago we started a protest against the Cayenne drivers. Now when the Cayenne in the rearview mirror, we slow down to 60 km / h to 40km / h and vomiting in the left lane - especially good if you drove the Cayenne is not possible to overtake! Not only that, Porsche has stolen design ideas Harry Wu, and ride them or wealthy sons, or their chicks! Hate you.


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