Hybrid and Porsche Volga

Chichvarkin, CEO of "Euro", two years ago ordered a exclusive car - looks from the 21st of the Volga, and the filling of the Porsche Cayenne. A lot of time and effort had to give designers the group Porsche in Germany to make such a car. Carbon fiber body that looks like a Volga 21, in fact, the body is elongated by 15% wider than the Volga. The insides of the Porsche, and the rest of the good old Volga, leaving only the handle and the rear badge, the rest is all done in Germany. While the engine is worth 370 hp, as had not yet been done in Germany under her engine. Approximately expected to more than 770 hp, but it is still unknown According to unconfirmed reports the price of the machine reaches 1.000.000 $!


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