This fabulous city comes alive only at minus 10

Winter - the perfect time for creativity, and the festival in Harbin - a clear confirmation. The action begins on January 5 last more than a month, and participate in it thousands of people from around the world. Snow shapes shining ice statues, palaces and castles to a stunning evening illumination, fireworks, entertainment - all this makes Harbin with one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the winter, and by the Chinese themselves.

< Website I have selected for you the best photos of the festival.

Masterpieces of ice architecture h3>

Snow Palace - amazing creation sculptors h3>

The palace of ice cubes. The scale is really impressive! H3>

Wizards made a real masterpiece - the ice locomotive h3>

If you hang a ribbon here, and make a wish - it will come true h3>

The unusual construction of ice with LEDs h3>

The length of the ice slides can be up to 240 meters. Simply breathtaking! H3>

For all the sights you can ride on this carriage h3>

Horse of ice - a good excuse to take a picture h3>

Placer jewels floating in the air h3>



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