Origin Story The Most Interesting "Memes" Of The Internet

Girl arsonist

Meme blew up the Internet, was a girl with insidious eyes against the fire. The situation in which the photograph was made, in fact, was not so sinister. Photographer Dave Roth was walking with his daughter Zoe, and observing the training of firefighters, captured daughter in the background specially set fire to the house.

My face when...

The facial expression of Robert Downey Jr. has become one of the favorite Internet reactions to the "original" compliment, begs the question or "a joke for 300". The picture quickly spread on the Internet after the movie "the Avengers", from which was taken the famous shot.

What kid?

The history of this meme is no less epic than the baby's face. Image is a screenshot not from the clip Asap Rocky, and from the children's educational video that shows how to use the toilet. So instead of the expected "purple kisses" we heard "bye bye poop".

You cannot just take and...

This is a frame from the movie "Lord of the rings." Boromir, who, with a characteristic gesture uttered the phrase "you can't just take the ring to Mordor", played by English actor Sean Bean.

Sean Bean in an interview with Radio Times commented on the popular Internet meme "you can't just take..." with his photograph in the image of Boromir.

"For some reason, my characters — Ned stark in "Game of thrones" or Boromir in "the Lord of the rings" — long live out of the screen. I see all the time, as you call them memes? "You can't just go and drink" instead of "you Cannot just go and come to Mordor". This is my unintentional legacy, perhaps," he said.

Come on, tell me...

"Come on, tell me how fun this summer..." Meme came through the scene from the movie "Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory" in 1971 with actor Gene Wilder. In the West popular version with the caption "You must be new here" ("you Must be new here").

Successful child

The picture little Sammy clutching in his fist the sand to feast on them, was perceived by Internet users as a manifestation of the power of a child's character. Photo the boy gave global popularity, which later helped him to save the life of his father in 8 years Sammy gathered more than 30 thousand dollars for a transplant kidney for his dad.

Sensei Troll

The same sage that gives serious advice, adding to it the snide correction. The meme originated is not quite justified: the photo is not the philosopher Confucius, and the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba. He became the hero of many legends. In the last century, this outstanding Japanese was attributed to the ability to rise above the ground and become invisible. Well, in the twenty-first century, Morihei Ueshiba win global recognition, becoming a legend of the Internet..

Me gusta

Me Gusta is one of the most interesting face, because its meaning does not lie on the surface and known only to the audience. Usually this grinning face used in comics to Express satisfaction from something disgusting and perverted, it is also considered a Me Gusta Face mug pervert. Yes, just look at this face, real ghoul!

The emergence and use of Me Gusta

Originally, this meme was used only in relation to sexual perversion, and later was used in relation to all perversions. If you believe the Internet (lurke there is no article about the Mi Gusta, unfortunately), the first time Me Gusta meme appeared on March 18, 2010, and posted the first picture with this sick mug Insert31990 from the site DeviantArt. Later, the meme has spread to fortune, as always, and won the Internet, including our part of it.



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