The main secret of raising children

Once I discovered the secret of education. It is very simple: children become adults.

We just do not understand what force gives parents the simple truth is, if you always remember about her. And easier to relate to life, and how to grow without tedious exhortations, not educating and playing, and how to be patient and, if you still your lovely creature has managed to mischief, grab hold of the mind - it is all.

The children become adults. Children grow up. And go. And there is nothing you can not turn back.

Think about it: today you lead your small miracle for the handle, and it jumps, and naughty and tortured your questions. And you forever, until irritation tired of these "why" and the pranks. Today you are in a hurry, and sighs, and get out of yourself and you have hundreds of important adult cases on which they have distracting. And tomorrow?

Just something through what some 3, 4 or 5 years, you will want to take his son for a pen and draw closer, and talk, and answer, and to teach - and at his window friend and your lovely miracle vpriskochku rush not to you and there ... Think about it: someday (soon, so soon) it is your daughter, suddenly slam school notebook and, without asking, "Well, how to solve this little problem?", escapes to kiss some unknown boy. And it will outweigh all of your temptations and appeals.

Children grow. Even if you really, really hold - you do not hold. Do not hold these hurried days of childhood. Your common days. Remember and enjoy while they are still children, and their beds are next to yours, and hands - in your hands. As long as you need them more than anything else.

Because it is the law of life: someone else has to be your child more and more important than yourself.

They say that parental love is tragic, because the separation was initially laid in it. I think, who said so did wrong.

Children grow up and leave us, and do not come back. But just the very awareness of this fact (if you remember it always) makes us easily and happily accept what we have now. If firmly remember this, you will not grow, suffer and suffer. You will realize that the most valuable - not yesterday and not tomorrow, but what is and what is happening now. With th e h and on.

Parental love is simple and joyous as taking the law.

We raise and release the child farther and farther away. But that's why, and it was then a wonderful thing happens: we do not leave the children. They remain close. From a distance, but close. is saved peace, spiritual unity. Children continue to need us and see us as a reliable and rear, and a support and adviser. Always.

Stay if everything starts and everything goes to our true unconditional love.

See how easy it is. And rightly so: live and love

Excerpted from teachers Nina and Dawn Nekrasov
"Stop raise children - help them grow»



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