15 Tricks to look perfect

Electrified pants that stick, new shoes that are too tight, shirt, stranded after the first wash, - now these problems can be permanently left in the past. It is enough to remember a few tricks for the care of things! < Website offers you a collection of everyday tips for beauty and elegance.

Remove water stain leather handbags h3>

Spray the stain mixture of water and food vinegar, rub it gently.

To remain traces of jewelery h3>

If you paint the inside of the ring with a transparent varnish, you will forget about the stains on his fingers.

Remove grease stain from clothing h3>

Use children talc to get rid of stains.

Baby Shampoo save shrunken thing after washing h3>

Soak the item in warm water with a baby shampoo (1 liter of water 1 tbsp. Tablespoon of shampoo) for half an hour, remove, put between two towels for 10 minutes. Stretch to the actual size of setting something heavy on the edges and leave to dry.

Razor perfectly cope with the spool h3>

Save color jeans h3>

To dark jeans are not brightened in the wash, add half a cup of distilled vinegar in the washing machine.

Fast ironed collar can utjuzhkom h3>

So you can iron the area around the buttons, folds in the shirt or skirt.

The eraser removes scuff with suede leather h3>

To shoes looking perfect h3>

Mix detergent and baking soda in a bowl, take a used toothbrush and perform general cleaning white edging shoe.

Carefully tuck in tight jeans boots h3>

To get rid of sweat stains on clothing h3>

Remove unsightly stains, you can use lemon juice or baking soda.

How vdet lace from sports jackets h3>

Use cocktail tube to insert the cord.

Rapidly deliver shoes to help ice packs h3>

Place the bags with water inside the shoe and put in the freezer to keep the water cold. Remove shoes, wait until the ice melts a bit slightly, and remove packages. This way, you can not stretch the shoes of patent leather.

If electrified pants h3>

To pants are not electrified, it is necessary to pin the legs each leg of the pin.

To zipper on jeans are not crawled down h2>

Insert the ring in the keychain from the slider. Hook of a button.

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