For those who have time to blame

The site publishes the text of Sergei Villanova, a journalist and blogger, dedicated to those who always want to move abroad. These people constantly go on about his plans, criticized all around, but still can not gather ... Each one of us there is such znakomyy.Est my old friend. The school friends, the University too. A good guy, smart. But he had something like an oddity. Another class of the 9 th, he constantly told me that shovel shit-turd Raska, but all over the hill do not. There's a man respected. A clever man - respect triple. And give money generously. And in general given. That, they say, need to finish university - and to blame, blame.

I heard even a little jealous. Always a little jealous when a man knows exactly what he wants. Sam was then really knew. And now, in general, only in general terms. Abruptly, when the goals are clear, the problem posed. Work yourself and move, where it is necessary.

But it so happened that after university, I dumped it. At first, very far away, then closer. And our fellowship with a friend for a long time interrupted. Ten years, probably. And recently I went to Saratov, in memory surfaced phone - well, I have it and scored. And after 15 minutes we talked alive.

After an exchange of news, which over the years accumulated a decent conversation went on general topics. And suddenly, I do not remember on what occasion, from the mouth of a school friend poured cute thinking about a scoop of Raska and it is time to bring down. And also about how over the hill all the cool arranged for smart and talented. It must be acknowledged that over the years thinking sanded, and sounded much more convincing than before. I just was filled. But just in case asked - and when you're the old man, the last time there was a?

It turned out that ever. Because gadsky scoop the money is not returned. Few pay an intelligent man, very little.

Okay, I say the argument. And what emigration program tried? They are also a lot of different. Who on a student internship at the line I left and stayed, who already as a specialist dumped on a work visa. And Canada is Australia, New Zealand. South Africa, finally, although I'm not sure what should go there now.

It turns out, did not try any And I do not even know what programs exist. Apparently, themselves had come to ask politely to give a lot of money, and that's when!

But asked about the same, as it turned out, all is not easy. Because English is my friend knows the course as part of the institute. As the saying goes, reading the dictionary. But do not tell. Only it's not scary, because I learn a language, in his opinion, is not a problem. This is a good place to come and learn. Business somehow.

And he began again to tell me how everything's cool.

From this information filament me even once poplohelo. Look, I say, and let's better I'll tell you how it is there I f there's only two weeks ago arrived. And before that I was a month ago. And generally I happen quite regularly. And not on a tour of the sights and at work. With people talk, I observe different. Some experience of survival there.

Without fluency you there worse Tajik in Moscow. How wonderful to hear your local accent, even a broomstick will not give. Speciality its humanitarian and master's degree on her straw roll up and try to use a broom instead. No use from them. You, that something there to achieve, you have to be five times more intelligent, patient and hardworking locals. Then there's the chance to get out in time. And that in fact will have to be old to engage in evil Manilovism.

My friend frowned. Such illusions were great - and then out, dimmed. But, apparently, not very long. Because he promised me to write about the programs emigration advice. And so it has not. Probably, it continues to expound eloquently about the scoop and Raska. In ten years once more I listen, compare the experience.

And it is not one he is. The Damned social network is constantly shoved experts on life abroad, judging her on tours to the Czech Republic and the summer holidays in Turkey. Other tapes only consist of a census of all the horrors of the game in the "Raschke" and Justice in zabugore.

Here are today such experts gladly laid another "Yaroslavna's Lament" how not appreciate Russia's anesthesiologists. Someone dear dad got on the results of months of work of 25 thousand rubles. About horror, he exclaims son in the United States as anesthesiologists earn three hours, and my father worked for a hundred and fifty hours! Here he lived in America! ..

The habit to compare with the warm soft very typical for this level of experts. First of all, does not the fact that the Pope, having been born in America could learn to be an anesthesiologist. Medical education there is a fairly paid. And it is extremely long. Not all have enough drive and terpelki. Second, while you learn, doing good debts that must be repaid later. Pretty long. And relatively high wages at the end of 10-12 years of study is largely spent on repayment of loans. Earn, unfortunately, all is not easy. Thirdly, does not the fact that he respects the pope could have to get a fat salary. Because the clinic in the United States, too, believe the money. And happy to employ people from other countries - in Europe, India and even China. Because they can pay less. Anesthesiologist - a specialty is not independent, his office will not open. He always is when something. Many there are all sorts of nuances. Yes, of course, in the United States have excellent clinic with luxurious salaries. But to compare themselves with their staff as ridiculous as an admixture of the Saratov Youth Theater compare their salaries with fees of Tom Cruise. With all due respect to the Prima Saratov Youth Theater.

Strange, silly, useless to seek oblivion in obgazhivanii his country and the dreams of the other.

Poor you uncomfortable, do not give turn - go away. Pack up and leave. It's a shame, of course, that Russia will lose a strong professional, but she can handle it. I do so without the slightest irony write honestly.

If things are really as bad as you're trying to tell everyone - it is necessary to leave. If even half as bad - do not waste time on the doubts go away. The mass of options. The main thing to not be lazy to look for them. You can not live in an environment that is disgusting to you. It's just not normal. Especially if you firmly believe that somewhere else things will be different. You do not have every day to remind others what they are idiots. People do not like it. And everywhere.

But often it also happens that in the stories about the "Raska" people hide their own laziness, stupidity and dishonesty. For example, one of the most popular network exposers Regime in my memory was twice fired from the same organization for theft. I steal, which is typical, not superiors and subordinates. The first time he was caught by the arm and fired. A few years later he came to confess: that was wrong, I want to eat, take back. Have taken. And six months later again kicked out because the citizen began to do the same. To the question "How is it, Andrew?" He muttered something unintelligible. Say, little pay, creatures, and that has to turn around. He now competently said that the terms of thieves. He, of course, know better.

This example - are not comprehensive. But, in general, indicative. When someone lives with hatred and does nothing to get rid of the cause, this is a very bad sign. Get rid of the "Raska" is only one way - to rid yourself of it.

Do it, milchelovek. Or not to grimace.



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