30 shrill advertising campaigns to protect the environment

We do not notice how our parents grow old, when we see them every day. However, they are changing, and changing significantly under the weight of worries and stress. Nature, too, is our parent. And she was not destined to grow old, and many, many centuries. However, we squeeze out of it all the powers, suffer it for the sake of their petty gains. And she gave us life.

< Website I believe that the need to have more respect for our planet and is a powerful collection of advertising in the protection of the environment. Let us not forget that izzhivaya nature, we are becoming obsolete.

Those who help to nature in the end help themselves h3>

Everything you throw out, comes back h3>

Help us to fight against cosmetic testing h3>

Unfortunately, the beach itself is not clean the h3>

The planet is paying too high a price for each felled tree h3>

The biggest miracle of the sea - that the sea still alive h3>

Plastic bags kill h3>

Imagine that your child is h3>

Nature like a tramp h3>

Desertification kills 6000 species per year h3>

Every minute dies view h3>

The campaign against global warming h3>

How many animals have to pay for your cosmetics? h3>

Animals are not clowns h3>

When you leave the lights on, not only will you pay h3>

Do not buy exotic pets like souvenirs h3>

If you do not raise it, they do h3>

Global warming leaves many homeless h3>

Stop mistreat animals h3>

Save paper - save the planet h3>

The extinction can not be repaired h3>

You see a dog. The dog sees the house h3>

It is necessary to process the waste, not the nature! h3>

It is not yet too late h3>

Give a hand to wildlife h3>

Use only what you need h3>

You would not care if I were a panda? h3>

15 square kilometers of forest disappear every minute h3>

stop climate change before the climate change you h3>

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