12 famous fathers who are crazy about their children

Touching photos of men and their kids is impossible not to be touched. And the pictures in which famous dads with their children - in particular. On the screen or on the stage of the famous men seem fine, but as loving fathers are the most natural.

Website gathered infinitely cute pictures caring dads that will melt even the coldest heart.

Justin Timberlake with his son Silas h3> 723c5f90c5.jpg

This year, the popular singer Justin Timberlake has received from his wife Jessica Biel the most precious gift - the first-born Silas. The singer shared his impressions about fatherhood: "This is crazy, amazing, wonderful, incredible, what ever happened to me».

David Beckham with daughter Harper h3> c6cc323613.jpg

A professional football player, a star of advertising campaigns and the true dandy David Beckham has always been an exemplary father. The three sons - Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz - has grown, and the long-awaited daughter, baby Harper, was a real joy to their parents. "I had my way, I would have locked it on the top of the tallest tower, and all the beautiful princes interrogated at the entrance to an addiction».

Orlando Bloom and his son Flynn h3> 62bcce34cf.jpg

Despite parting with model Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom has kept friendly relations with it, and spending time with his son. Oh, it seems a nice boy that one does not break a girl's heart!

Gerard Pique and his sons Milan and Sasha h3> 66acff4438.jpg

Defender Football Club "Barcelona" chose as his wife the beautiful singer Shakira, who gave him two sons already. It seems the family is going to seriously educate their own football team: kids are already out on the field after the game and, of course, branded T-shirts Dad's Club.

Brad Pitt with daughter Shiloh h3> 7bf6377dde.jpg

Many children's father Brad Pitt is always trying to teach children (and they had six and Angelina Jolie) as much as possible: to prepare breakfast, took them to school and clubs, travels with them around the world. The actor has repeatedly recognized that children - the main thing in his life.

Ivan Urgant with his family h3> 9b690e0740.jpg

TV presenter, actor and singer Ivan Urgant - not only talented and multi-faceted personality, but also a wonderful father of three daughters, the last of which came to light just a couple of months ago. Ivan rarely shares the details of his personal life, but judging by the moving pictures that he occasionally publishes a personal blog, a showman very kind to his family.

Matthew McConaughey and son Levi h3> 755d67aa00.jpg

Although employment around the clock and a powerful career leap from frivolous romkomov for drama and "Oscar", Matthew McConaughey has never disregards his family: his wife Camilla Alves and three children. Sam leads the kids in kindergarten, resting them on the ocean and takes in light. The degree of admiration stellar dad is growing every year.

Jim Carrey and his daughter Jane h3> 1557f95003.jpg

The talented actor Jim Carrey has always tried to be a good father to his only daughter, despite the fact that the relationship with her mother did not work out. Many years have passed since the picture was taken (1991), and now Kerry often attends the premiere together with his grown-up daughter, Jane.

Bruce Willis and his daughter Mabel Ray h3> 376e339ca3.jpg

Age "Die Hard" is not an obstacle: the fifth, the youngest daughter of the actor was born when he was 59 years old! The three adult daughters by Willis actress Demi Moore, born two younger married to model Emma Heming.

Chris Hemsworth and his daughter India Rose h3> 18deebfbf1.jpg

Marvel Studios Star Chris Hemsworth house turns into a gentle and caring father of a large family. "Most importantly, I realized with the advent of children - it is a love can be" - he says.

Sergei Zhukov and his family h3> d5cb7dab40.jpg

The soloist of the group "Hands up!" Sergei Zhukov - a model family man and a great dad. Together with his wife Regina singer has three children, and spends a lot of time with her eldest daughter from his first marriage.

Cam Gigandet and his daughter Everleigh Ray h3> f96a44e5b7.jpg

American actor Cam Gigandet managed not only to get a role in the notorious "Twilight", but also to build a strong family. Judging by the funny photos, the children are not deprived of acting talent and will be able to easily follow in the footsteps of his father.

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