How are 100 kilocalories

Select size portions - one of the most difficult tasks for dieters, because the dial a few extra kilograms can even eat only healthy food. Suffice it to slightly underestimate its caloric.

Website has already shown how to look 200 calories. We divided into two - now you see the look of 100 kilocalories.

1/4 croissant with chocolate (25g) h3>

A glass of Coca-Cola (260ml) h3>

1 apple and a handful of grapes h3>

1 scoop of ice cream (50 g) h3>

1/3 muffin (28 g) h3>

4 and a half of Brazil nuts h3>

A glass of orange juice (220 ml) h3>

The average banana (110 g) h3>

The average egg (57 g) and a slice of bread (10 g) h3>

80 blackberries h3>

1/2 cup chocolate shake (150 ml) h3>

4 small peach (280 g) h3>

One and a half cookies with cream h3>

6 and a quarter marshmallow pieces h3>

A glass of beer (230ml) h3>

A piece of cheddar cheese (20 g) h3>

2 rye bread with a tablespoon of cheese h3>

Chips with salt (20 g) h3>

Wand Twix h3>

Low Fat yorgurt (125 g), and the average apple h3>

A glass of white wine (120ml) h3>

Slice fruit bars (35 g) h3>

2 chocolate chip cookies h3>

A slice of bread (78 g) with a spoonful of peanut butter h3>

8 carrots and a tablespoon of salsa h3>

One and a half slice of bacon h3>

3 slices of milk chocolate h3>

4 and a half walnut h3>

The cucumber and hummus on oatcakes h3>

Wheat sticks (24 g) h3>

27 strawberries h3>

tablespoon sunflower seeds h3>

tablespoon raisins h3>

7 pieces of fruit marmalade h3>

carrot, cucumber and hummus (36 g) h3>

A piece of KitKat h3>

8 pieces of dried apricots h3>

2 rye bread with 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese (80 g) h3>

How are 200 calories

How many kilometers "are" eaten snacks



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