Boat motors: a few "pros" for conservation

Near Los Angeles has beautiful huge lake called West Lake known fact that none of the courts is set diesel or petrol engines. Is heard only in the vicinity of the lapping waves and birdsong, and the purity of the water is amazing. His decision to the local authorities simply argue - only лодочные motors can maintain environmental cleanliness. The idea is not new - the history of vessels operating on the electric motor, has more than 120 years.

For electric motors - the future h2>
Outboard motors installed on the vessels and Thomas Edison, and Admiral Davey and Russian prince Alexander. So why do not we revive the good old tradition and not take care of the maintenance of peace and respect for the purity of our countless city parks along the banks of many rivers, lakes and reservoirs. After all, so you can easily revive the abandoned territory, arrange car two small boats with electric triple outboards for walks and fishing. Managing such a ship can be trusted, even for beginners. You agree that silent motors can make your stay more pleasant in nature.

Advantages of electric obvious:

  • absolutely silent;
  • easy to install and use;
  • reliable and simple - just get turned and just managed;
  • have a light weight and It made of very durable materials;
  • do not disturb the ecological balance, and authorized for use on all water bodies - no oil, no exhaust, no discomfort to aquatic life;
  • does not require consumables to work - enough to buy аккумулятор for boat motor and charge it periodically;
  • advanced models rather high-torque - they can be installed not only on inflatable boats, but even on multi boats.
    In addition to all these advantages, the boat with an electric motor to easily pass through the grass and the rocks, overgrown by algae areas - problems you will not have. And their price starts at $ 200.

    As promised by experienced businessmen, 20-30 coming years electric traction completely replace gasoline engines. The development of new technologies, new means of energy storage will make outboard motors popular worldwide. So the time has come for all of us to understand the truth - the gasoline engine is not a place on the water, and it does not matter in California is a lake or somewhere near Rostov. Bringing a respect for nature, we can make our world a much better, because you need to start with yourself!


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