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Many of us wonder about what it is to be effective and how to find his calling in life. Hence the huge number of books and manuals that promise to help achieve success in their careers, to develop a variety of skills and attain nirvana. But most of them are useless.

Blogger Andrew Shapenko painted several pictures, which collected very sensible principles of personal effectiveness. We are in the Website They really helped to understand some important things.

1. Calling h3>

All endlessly searching for themselves and can not find, rather than engage in at least some useful work. But everything is very simple: the vocation is at the crossroads of knowledge / skills, passion and necessity. So, we must systematically work on each of the components. Moreover, the search must be active - not through reading books, and after trying out and experimenting.

2. Comfort Zone h3>

Learning and development occur through out of your comfort zone. In most cases, it is painful and unpleasant. The more you move, the more discomfort in life occurs because the extended area of ​​contact with the unknown. That thing is still called Socrates, "I know that I know nothing».

3. Learning Curve h3>

Education - a non-linear process. First, he is very fast, then slow down. But the whole point, and all the money is there, in the long "tail" where not everyone gets. The better you understand the topic, the more competitive advantage over those who stopped halfway.

4. "Feed» h3>

When you have a sufficient amount of knowledge and skills, have a chance to catch the "flow state" when the work will be high. "Stream" - is when the answer to the complex challenges of high professionalism. That is, you can not reach it, if you do not know how.

5. Growth and fluctuation h3>

The development does not always go smoothly. You will change the phase states, and any such change will be accompanied by an increase in the oscillation amplitude. The picture of the world will shift to occur and sharp unpleasant events, there are new challenges. You have to be ready for them.

6. Time Management h3>

During the movement will help time management. Simple rules - doing only what is necessary, and to minimize the involvement of the rest. By the way, the image matrix is ​​used "two by two", which in various forms can be used to solve the problems of the masses, until the choice of life and predicting scenarios for the country.

7. Pareto Law h3>

To complete more help is already known to many rules "80/20": we spend 20% of the effort to achieve a 80% result. If followed within reasonable limits, it is possible for 100% of the time to make a 5 times larger than the rest.

8. The Power of Words h3>

A very important lesson I have learned in 13 years of corporate (and not only) work - is the importance of communication and the statements of its position. If you're really smart and clever, but an introvert - you will use. Do you want to grow taller - have to say. And the movement of the ladder is carried out this way: first you start to speak at meetings and then get promoted. Not vice versa.

9. Normal distribution h3>

In dealing with people and analyzing information helps the understanding of the principle of normal distribution. Think of this picture when faced with any extremes. It is known that in nature there is no separation of black and white - there is always a very big middle and very few "tips". But in these "end" is often hiding some very interesting things.

10. Past and Future h3>

Finally, it should be understood that the past does not directly affect the future of every moment called "now" is a potential point of changing life trajectories. In which direction it will go tomorrow - it's your own choice.

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