Winter tires for bicycle with his own hands and life hacking 9, which just need to know!

Winter is for many - this is the most fantastic time of the year. First snow each time is fun and pleasant memories. Children are waiting for Christmas gifts, and parents create a home cosiness.

But winter - it's not just the holidays ... A strong cold, wet snow and chilly wind can spoil Christmas mood and deliver a lot of inconvenience. The cold time of year to go through more easily if you know these tips. Take them into service, and can cope with any unpleasant situation!

Winter life hacking If park the car the hood to the east, the morning did not have to bother with frozen windshield.

To make it easier to leave the car on loose snow, scattering around the tires cat litter.

If the windshield formed a layer of ice, use an old CD, so scrape off the ice.

bubble wrap on the window to protect you from cold and drafts.

Old nice sweater suited for the manufacture of gloves.

In order to gently remove pellets with warm knitted using conventional razor.

Attaching cable ties to bicycle tires, you can easily go on the snow.

If you can not open the frozen lock, heat the key lighter.

Ever puddle of melted snow from the front door? Take an old tray and fill it with pebbles. Shoes with a base will dry faster.

Of woolen fabric can make a great shoe insoles, which will warm you in any weather!

Hopefully this article will help make your life easier. It is not necessary to focus on the problems. Enjoy a winter fairy tale and take care of your health!

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