10 modern books with which to forget about sleep

There are books that captivate so that it becomes a pity to spend time eating and sleeping.

Website for you to publish a list of such stories - of them are simply impossible to put down.

George Martin - "Song of Ice and Fire. Game of Thrones » h3> This novel does not require separate presentation. We all watched TV series of the same name, or at least heard of it. The events in the book take place on the continent of Westeros, where there is a struggle for the throne. The royal intrigues, conspiracies and the war haunt the reader throughout the novel.

Gillian Flynn - "Vanished» h3> The couple decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but suddenly disappeared somewhere one of the heroes of the occasion. Were signs of a struggle in the house and blood. All clues point to her husband, but whether or not he is guilty in the disappearance of his wife? The book, after reading that you begin to wonder: as well do you know your half?

Mariam Petrosyan - "The house in which ...» h3> Awesome novel tells the story of a boarding school for disabled children, whose inhabitants possess psychic powers and subject to the House. History excites and does not let go until the end of the book. This novel would be desirable to re-read again.

Kazuo Ishiguro - "Never Let Me Go» h3> antiutopian book to wade shivering realistic plot. In an alternative British end of the twentieth century there is a closed private school. Children there learn and play in school plays. But over time, the students learn that their fate - a donation and that they were created in order to save the terminally ill.

Markus Zusak - "The Book Thief» h3> January 1939, Germany. The tragic events in the country forced a nine-year Liesel Meminger and her family to leave home. On the road, her younger brother comes to visit uninvited guest - a death that was noticed and Liesel. Amazing story about a little girl who at his young age had a lot to endure.

Ian McEwan - «Atonement» h3> Lyric, penetrating novel about love and betrayal, about the work and about errors that have to pay for a lifetime. A teenage girl writes "The Chronicles of Lost Time" childish rethinking events adulthood. The book was filmed. The film was presented at the Venice Film Festival, won the 2 prize "Golden Globe».

Carlos Ruiz Zafón - "Shadow of the Wind» h3> The novel begins in 1945 in Barcelona, ​​where the hero, being a boy of ten, meets a mysterious book that changes his life. For 20 years, he tries to unravel the mysteries associated with this book, meeting on the way strange strangers.

David Mitchell - "Cloud Atlas» h3> A bright and exciting novel, the plot of which takes place from the middle of the XIX century to the distant post-apocalyptic future. 6 stories in which there is a place betrayal and murder, love and devotion. This book everyone will understand in their own way - she seemed a mosaic of different people which is folded completely different picture.

Neil Gaiman - "American Gods» h3> One of the most famous works of the author. This is a novel about the gods, brought to America by people from around the world, revered, and then forgotten, and that's what can not remain indifferent to any man: the search for her father, country, lover of symbolic and real death.

Khaled Hosseini - "The Kite Runner» h3> Soulful novel about friendship and loyalty of two boys - Amir and Hassan. One member of the local aristocracy, the other - a despised minority. Their story unfolds against the backdrop of the Kabul idyll, which soon gives way to the terrible storms. Each has its own destiny, but as a child, linked by strong ties.

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