10 pictures, secrets are not revealed until today

Nowadays, people of the world do each year over a trillion pictures. However, the majority of them - self and porno. But some 100 years ago, people did a million times smaller than the pictures! The site publishes a collection of mysterious pictures, the researchers have put questions to which they would not be able to answer.

1. Personality builders with photos "Lunch on a skyscraper» h2>

«Lunch on a skyscraper" - one of the most famous images in the history of photography. Until now, researchers did not know who the author of this photo taken in 1932.
But much more interesting is another question - who are these people? Unfortunately, the identity of the majority of them remain outstanding.

In 2012, the names of all four construction workers present at the photos "Lunch on a skyscraper." Joseph Ekner, John Curtis, Matt O'Shaughnessy and Patrick Glynn from now forever immortalized in history.

2. The identity of the first in the history of the photographed person h2>

7 minutes Parisians stood at the corner of du Temple, waiting for the cleaner to finish polishing his shoes. So he became the first person photographed. But no other information about it, unfortunately not. Perhaps this person was not even Parisian.

3. When it was done first color photo? H2>

In 1861, American James Clerk Maxwell presented to the public the first color photographic image, which was obtained by a triple exposure. That he is considered the founder of the principle of producing color photographs. Perhaps this view is mistaken.

In the 10 years before the editorial board «Daguerreian Journal», the world's first magazine dedicated to professional photography, received a letter from the American livaja Hill. He claimed that he was able to make a real breakthrough in the field of color photography: with the help of a special device - hillotipa - created more than 40 color samples. In the final part of the letter Levy promised to present his invention public in the near future.

That did not happen, so the experts thought his usual swindler.

4. The fate of the photos Alex Gardner h2>

Alex Gardner - a photojournalist who captured on film all the horrors of the Civil War in the United States. The most famous series of his pictures - pictures of the fallen at the battle of Antietam in soldiers (1862).

After the death of Gardner most of his original negatives disappeared. Photos thought lost forever, but one unknown photographer in 1893 accidentally discovered them. Unfortunately, they soon lost again, this time - finally.

5. Photos of the ship "Georgia» h2>

"Georgia" - an armored US warship, built in 1863. Life "Georgia" was short-lived: 2 years after the launching of the ship was sunk.

More than a century it was believed that the ship remained only his sketches and drawings of the artist. But in the mid-1980s, John Potter at a garage sale found an old photograph which was captured "Georgia". Unfortunately, Harry did not have the opportunity to acquire a rare photo, so he just took it to your camera and sent the film familiar to historians. After careful analysis, image experts unanimously decided that the photo "Georgia" was genuine, but could not find the original.

6. Family of Margate h2>

In winter 2015 in National Museum of Scotland, put a collection of photographs belonging to the Victorian era. Researchers interested in the seemingly unremarkable pictures of the same family. Mother, father and two children, a rest in the town of Margate, England, photographed 7 times over the years. And no information about the family did not survive.

Unlike other shots, the photos did not have signatures, by which it would be possible to determine who is depicted on them. The only thing that we found out - the author was a certain William Calder.

7. Victims' Grim Sleeper » h2>

Have you ever heard anything about a serial killer in Los Angeles, earned the nickname "Grim Sleeper" (rough translation into Russian - "sullen sleep")? He attacked mainly in black women. Criminologists say that over 25 years have become the victims of a maniac at least 11 people.

When the police arrested the suspect Lonnie Franklin Jr. at his home they found 200 images of various women. Almost all of the photos were taken in a car or Lonnie at his home. Some of the girls were unconscious, others appear to have been photographed already dead.

Police were able to identify the majority of the victims was captured. But to recognize 38 of them might still be.

8. Yea Photo falling soldier? H2>

The image, which was captured struck by an enemy bullet and falls to the ground troops of the Republican army, was made by photographer Roberto Capa. At the time, Robert was awarded many prizes for the fact that he was not afraid to risk their lives on the battlefields of the Spanish Civil War.

However, in 2009 the Spanish newspaper «El Periodico» conducted a detailed analysis of the image, during which it became clear that he was made near the town of Espejo. All would be nothing if Espejo was not involved in the war 3 weeks after print of the famous picture in the media.

However, this does not interfere with the experts of the International Center of Photography and is now considered a true picture of Robert Capa.

9. Putin or not? H2>

The above photo was taken in 1988 during the official visit of the President of the United States Ronald Reagan to Moscow. On her head she is going to shake the American's hand Soviet boy, who met while walking on Red Square.

Look to the picture closely. You notice something unusual? If not - pay attention to the blond tourist, standing to the left of the boys and watch. Many people, including the author photos Pete Souza assured that it was none other than the young Vladimir Putin, the current president of Russia.

Representatives of the Russian president categorically deny this assumption, arguing that at the time when the snapshot was taken, Putin was in Dresden.

10. Unnamed victim "red khemerov» h2>

In 1975, the "red khemery" (representatives of the extreme left of the communist movement in Cambodia) took high school building and turned the former educational institution in the prison S-21. Here, for a 4 year of Pol Pot, they killed more than 17 thousand people. Prisoners in prison S-21, were subjected to inhuman tortures. "Red khemery" beat them to death, and then buried in mass graves.

Prison guards did not keep records, but in the media leaked hundreds of pictures of prisoners infrequent. Thanks to them, managed to identify several dozen victims of Pol Pot regime. The names of all the rest, it seems, forever erased from history.

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