"Perfontana." Invasion close

As the fates decree, as well as his sharp volition recently I became the owner of the famous "dice with the tale", popularly known as "Perfontana." Much has been written about them, and laid out in LiveJournal. Good people from one such post brought me these cubes into the hands, it is a pity that I forgot to specify which city is thriving miracle. But Moscow is not, in my opinion, exactly.
 This "Perfontana" for me is a source of joy and happiness. After securing the dice, I have long meditated on them, because each one of them - a Zen koan ready to open to the comprehension of the inquiring mind. But after a while I open the third eye, and I know that the "Perfontana" in fact - nothing else, as a natural artifact of an extraterrestrial civilization, thrown to us in order to prepare the invasion. Each of the dice is a unique psychotropic weapons, insidious effect on the human brain. I tried to analyze the impact of these mechanisms and made certain conclusions.


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