40 unusual ideas for a cozy home

A creative person and housing should be creative. With interesting, fun and comfortable pieces that adorn zhizn.Tysyachi designers in the world every day coming up with new interesting furniture, dishes, lamps and other accessories that make a house a home, and enabling them to express their inhabitant of this house I pass him a piece of his soul. And, of course, fun to spend time in it.

Editorial Website has chosen 40 cool gizmos and pieces of furniture that will definitely The apartment is cozy, fun and more inspiring.

Most nyashnye bed in the world

Which can be additionally equipped with a log soft to heighten comfort

Correct, clear drawers

Lying on Totoro, nice to read a book by the light of lamps thematic

And before going to bed to lay it amusing bookmark

And to read the full aypad lady at night

Save the last freedom-nightlight

Turn off the sinking lamp

But to leave the light in the darkest corner, that was not scary

If you are still afraid, the luminous underwear help

The next day, if you do not need to work, to lie on a comfortable mat and watch telly

Or pancakes

You can not refuse a chair, which he pulls the handle to you

And even more so if on a chair striped socks

You can still read a book

Taken with an invisible shelf

Or visible, and thus save lives

Read all your entire bookcase

Or contact pad about a tree

Using colored adhesive tape to make fun desktop

And then write some paper letters

Well, or to work for a variety of connecting to such a "pilot" computer

Table lamp and twist to think about conquering the world

In this office a lot of things to do

A prop the door, so as not to interfere with smells coming from the kitchen

Where fresh apples growing on a metal tree

Beet borscht for periodically cut here

And it does not boil over special lifeguard

If not all apples climbed a tree, it can be folded, each in his house

A notes on the fridge to strengthen drops

By evening meetings including special kitchen nightlight

And put the cup warmer

Before going to sleep, you can take a fantastic bath

And play with her toy Titanic rescuing Rose and Jack

Wash socks and panties let guard circus

And the rest of the clothes can be hung on the night here

Or here

Or do over here. Beautifully same!

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