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Toy world created by the American photographer, at first glance indistinguishable from nastoyaschego.Eldzhin Park - a town with houses, roads and cars, created by photographer Michael Paul Smith (Michael Paul Smith). Michael - collector models of vintage cars, which he and the master. But his diminutive Dodge in 1957, Chevrolet Corvette since the last century, are not on the shelves: they are involved in the stories that take place in Elgin Park.

Master photo with a broken prospect, Michael creates a composition of small toy cars on the table, background which are real houses and trees. But thanks to choose the right angle, it seems that all objects in the photographs of the same size - as if real.

Website is a scene of life in Elgin Park: on one picture someone brought a washing machine, on the other - someone is waiting for a taxi, due directly to the wagon train.

Packard Hawk 1958 refueling

Someone brought a washing machine Bendix

Traffic accident in Elgin Park in 1935

Airflow in 1934 in the house of the dentist

Ala Cushman

Morning in Elgin Park

Cars Chevrolet Corvette brought for display at the exhibition

In one of the most beautiful streets in Elgin Park

The view from the second floor window

Parked Ford Mustang 1965 Darren Uitropa

Northern Highway Elgin Park, 1930

After a snowy night

In the snow, 1935

Elgin 1962

Someone called a taxi

Garage Chevrolet Corvette

Sunday evening in 1963

In the parking lot in 1933

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