30 books that you can not continue to watch

Sit back, before you read this post.Sovremennye studies suggest that reading - is the best way to relax. A total of 6 minutes per book enough to lower the stress levels of 68%. Reading in this way works better and faster than other methods of calming "frazzled" nerves, such as listening to music (61%), walking (42%) or a cup of tea (54%).

Website offers to relieve stress in the middle of the working week and learn a lot about books that seemed to us so familiar.

Vladimir Nabokov wrote «Lolita» in a notebook while traveling across America for collecting butterflies. The wife of the writer's faith prevented him burn outline novel. The best-selling book in the UK of all time - «50 shades of gray» Book «Gulliver's Travels» described the size and speed of rotation of the moon - a satellite of Mars 100 years before astronomers did. Alexandre Dumas hired "Ghostwriter" - novelist Auguste Maquet, who helped to write the eminent author of «The Three Musketeers» and «Count of Monte Cristo» «Alice in Wonderland» was banned in China due to the presence in the book talking animals. JRR Tolkien trilogy print all «The Lord of the Rings» with two fingers. «Winnie the Pooh» was originally banned in America, Turkey and the UK. Here the role played not only the presence of speaking little animals, but also the fact that the baby piglet caused a negative reaction in the Muslim part of readers.

Franz Kafka before his death asked his friend Max Brod to burn all of his work. "The Castle", "The Trial" and "America" ​​were published against the will of the writer. «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer» - the first book, the text which was typed on a typewriter. Sherlock Holmes more likely literary characters become a hero of cinema and TV series. «Moby Dick» Herman Melville was originally published without the epilogue of a failure in the printing equipment. The «Tales 1000 and 1 night» Aladdin was originally Chinese. Harvard University Library stores 4 legal books , written on human skin. Harry Potter books - the most prohibited in the United States because of the "propaganda of occultism, paganism and denial of Christian values." Charles Dickens wrote «Christmas story» for six weeks.

«Robinson Crusoe» is considered the first English novel. By the way, a novel about the adventures of Robinson is a sequel, in which the hero shipwrecked off the coast of Southeast Asia and is forced to travel to Europe through Russia. In particular, he waits for 8 months of winter in Tobolsk. Book Justin Bieber is a list of best-selling version of the New York Times (yes, he also knows how to write). In the novel by American writer Nathaniel West's "Day of the Locust" (1939) there is a character named Homer Simpson In the very first comic «Superman» the main character was bald and suffered from delusions of grandeur. Barbara Cartland , the most prolific writer on the version of the "Guinness Book of Records", wrote the novel every two weeks. The first novel in the history of Japanese considered «The Tale of Genji» (about 1007), the authorship of which is attributed to Murasaki Shikibu, a lady at the court of Empress Sёsi. Handwritten Bible (since the invention of the printing press) was written over 12 years and is now worth $ 8 million.

The most popular writer of all time is Agatha Christie Its investigators are printed in 44 languages. It has been published for more than two billion books. Most running book is the Bible. Second place goes to "Guinness World Records". Most of the works of Spanish playwright wrote Lope de Vega He wrote in 1800 pieces. The first translation of «Hamlet» to Russian writer Alexander Sumarokov performed and entitled "Omelette, Prince of Denmark." The title of the novel by Leo Tolstoy « War and Peace» the word "peace" is used as an antonym war (pre-revolutionary "mir"), but not in the sense of "the world" (pre-revolutionary "Mir"). All lifetime editions of the novel is coming out called "War and mir", however, due to typing errors in various publications at different times, where the word written as "Mir", is still tense debate about the true meaning of the title of the novel. In one of the first editions Ozhegova explanatory dictionary decided not to include the name of the inhabitants of the cities, to once again not to increase its size. An exception was made only for the word "Leningrad", but not a sign of special respect for the residents of Leningrad. Just had to divide the word "lazy" and "Leninist", who stood close by, so as not to denigrate the image of the young Leninists. Prisoners of the Bastille were not the only people. Once in prison it was concluded the famous French encyclopedia , compiled by Diderot and D`Alamberom. Book blamed for the fact that it is harmful to religion and public morality. The works of one of the most popular contemporary authors - Paulo Coelho - is completely forbidden in Iran. And why local authorities did not bother to explain. Photo: bookporn.tumblr.com

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