World of mouth baby


Sonia Shatalov - the girl with autism. This makes it difficult to talk to her, but does not interfere with having congenital literacy, photographic memory and amazing view of the world, which she shares in the pages of his books.

Here are some of its "sayings»:

  • the excitement - a fascination that do anything else is impossible as long as power is.
  • African - the best scout for night reconnaissance.
  • BUTTERFLY - the main sign of summer happiness.
  • WIND - air that does not like to rest.
  • free verse - a verse that can not obey the laws of poetry and not feel any worse.
  • SIN - scab the soul, which separates man from God.
  • Childhood - Sunrise fate in human life.
  • SOUL - a void in man, which he fills God or Satan.
  • LIFE - a whiff of the generosity of God in His created nature.
  • Dating - meeting different understandings of the world, or even different worlds.
  • GAME - vzapravdashny ponaroshnost.
  • IMPROVISATION - imagination with the words, sounds and colors to quickly get something new.
  • PAPER - thing that can save the knowledge and feelings of the people in time.
  • BOOK - a way to call with many people through time.
  • HORSE - more heat chetyrehkopytnoe happiness.
  • MASK - a person of expression.
  • WISDOM - measure between "small" and "a lot ».
  • MUSEUM - canned time.
  • Music - the song of God in human perception.
  • MUSIC - a harmonious blend of sounds and emotions.
  • thought - the most powerful after the love of power in the world.
  • SCIENCE - knowledge based on doubt.
  • NOVELTY - a phenomenon that a meeting with him your world becomes richer.
  • NIGHT - black umbrella with stars.
  • ACTIVITIES - Work with pleasure.
  • OVERCOMING - the force of the soul, in which the mind and body to cope with all sorts of obstacles.
  • ADVENTURE - an unusual event that alters something your world and you.
  • Birds - embodied God's thought about the song and flight.
  • The role - this is the life who live in the game.
  • ROMANCE - mood when around the usual see a miracle.
  • TALE - that's life, invented soul when it does not suit her real life. li >
  • BRACKET - a wall of words in writing.
  • LAUGHTER - the doctor for a sad soul.
  • DOG - barking embodiment of loyalty and obedience.
  • Competitions - a joint doing something with the aim to find out who makes it better.
  • SPIRAL - frozen in a dance line.
  • TABLE - Square, which is played out life dishes and everything else that it turns out to be.
  • SHAME - fire, burning out the sin of the human soul.
  • FATE - a tough event-border life of an individual.
  • FEAR - pathogen cowardice.
  • FEAR - brake on the way to the action.
  • ALARM - itching tickling in the heart, waiting for something bad or incomprehensible.
  • pleasure - this is when many goodies can work wonders with a bad mood.
  • HURRICANE - gone mad wind.
  • CWD - a trap for the sounds of living beings.
  • FANTASY - fabric for decoration existence of the soul.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY - is preserved image.
  • MAN - is a living being that has intelligence, speech, skillful hands and the ability to decide how it is to use. li >
  • MANKIND - all people together when viewed as a big man.
  • SKULL - a small bone box in the skeleton, which is enclosed universe.
  • BALL - cube without corners and edges.
  • ESSAY - emotion, expressed as thought. doctors for a long time could not believe it. It is difficult to see in a child who may issue only muffled sounds, screams for hours and can not even bring your own spoon to his mouth, something reasonable.

    However, after reading what he writes Sonja your children's handwriting, you will realize that it is unlikely we do know something about the mind.

    Author: Svetlana Akkulova



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