Cool design in May

20 designers who did a great job in this mesyatse.Sredi hundreds of thousands of jobs that appear daily on the websites of the design, not so much those who deserve special attention. Cool design - it's not just an unusual idea, but it is not less extraordinary incarnation. And, of course, any thing created by man for man, and therefore should be part of his life, like a missing puzzle.

Website has selected for you the best works of designers who were or became known in May.

Self-managing machine from Google

Google has developed a completely autonomous self-governing car with no steering wheel and pedals. We do not know what he had there with horsepower, but the muzzle funny cars.

Cosmic Light from IKEA

Designer David Val made a real Death Star for the new collection IKEA PS 2014. And this is how it works:

Steampunk on the verge fantastiki

Dmitry Tihonenko Minsk repairing household appliances, and in his spare time creates ohrenitelny tuning refrigerators, microwave ovens and other appliances.

The staircase turns into gorku

Designer Trisha Cleveland Minnesota has invented a device that converts the stairs up the hill. Bumpers on the sides making it safe for children, and for adults too.


French designer Vivien Muller (Vivien Muller) had the idea to make something aesthetic and useful at the same time. So he developed a charger Solar, but in the form of bonsai tree. It charges the gadgets through the USB-port.


3D-devices become more affordable and portable. That appeared LIX Pen - the smallest 3D-pen in the world. The unit is charged from USB-port for a minute and much more comfortable than their predecessors.


Original folding chairs, turning into hangers invented designer Philippe Malouin, and manufactures their Canadian brand Umbra, the other interesting things which can be found in our store.

Flexible svetilnik

Search for things, even in the smallest purse, can take a long time. Therefore, the designers studio «Banana Things» invented a lamp that can light up a bag inside.

A woman in a bath

Bathroom cartoonist, graphic, painter and interior designer Saul Steinberg. He was known for having painted the all-around. This bathroom he created in 1949. We liked it very much, so let him stand up here.


Geraldine de Beco - young designer from France - has created a series of unusual ceramic tableware, which is fraught with unexpected surprise.

Book serviz

China sets for fans not to be distracted from reading, even for a meal from the company CAC.

Wooden zhuk

71-year-old Bosnian pensioner Momir Boyik made completely wooden Volkswagen Beetle from more than 50 000 individual pieces of oak.

Sofa and dozens of priory

Ivan Derevianko, Alexander Borodin and Alexander Anpilov did not know what to do with your old frets - tens and Pryor. A Month in the garage, and they get two stylish couch.

Design ostanovki

The Austrian town of Krumbach 7 asked designers from all over the world to make them stop the bus in exchange for a free holiday. Every single agreed and made the coolest bus stops in the world for the 1000 residents of the town.

Glowing bottle caps

The idea belongs to the designers of the company «Suck UK». They just cut the standard plug and built into the bottom of the unit small plastic tip with a light bulb, battery and USB-connector. The device runs on battery 2, 5 hours, after which «LED Bottle Cork» should be recharged.


Israel Studio Cheha developed LED lamps, which look really bulky. The top and the most interesting part legkozamenyaema.

Anti-stress tea paketiki

Malaysian company BOH invented for chamomile tea is also soothing sachets - when brewed formidable characters are peaceful. Double relax.

The world's smallest kofemashina

Tiny compact coffee Piamo prepare for you espresso for about thirty seconds. In this arrangement, no electronics, and coffee, you will need only the more coffee, water and a microwave.

Parade zhivotnyh


Ideal for storage of spices and bulk products from the brand Qualy. Remember those souvenir balls with snow? So here instead of snow spices.

Clockwork set of salt and pertsa


The creative staff of designers Suck UK came up with here is a winding set of salt and pepper. Kids just love it - no need to apply salt at the table, and the launch of the robot, and he comes.



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