Russian Salvador Dali

In art, as in life, there is creativity, which is impressive to the ants, others forgotten a minute later. And there is a picture-metaphors, which you can watch endlessly, and you still will not be able to solve their end. Works by Vladimir Kush just such.

He was born an artist in Moscow, where he received his art education, but surrealism was then our country does not need, and Kush emigrated to the United States. Businessman from France happened to notice the work of the artist and impressed them so much that he gave an exhibition in Hong Kong. Then Cush became really famous.

Who is the artist's own 4 galleries in the United States, and he acknowledged master of surrealism. In all his works there is something attractive - they seem illuminated from within and gives the impression that the viewer himself is present in the picture.

In this article AdMe.r u chose the most impressive pictures of a talented artist Vladimir Kush, which engage the long view.

Sun Army.

An invitation to lunch.


Moonlight Sonata.


Waves breaking on the ship.

Evening flight over the city.

Shooting Star.


Sunrise in the ocean.


Forgotten glasses.

Through the eye of a needle.


After a winter sleep.

Scarlet sails.

Marquis de Sade.

The eagle spread its wings.

The descent to the Mediterranean.

Kiss. ​​

Adult games.

Where does the wind.

In anticipation of the night.



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