Designed for cats

20 things that will want to have your koshka.Dlya to furry pet was bored and felt comfortable, the owner need only show a little imagination. Comfortable and beautiful corner for a cat can be made from a cardboard box, and from ikeevskoy furniture, not to mention the designer finds in the area of ​​products for animals.

Website only collects the best examples of interior design, with the creation of which took into account the comfort and needs of all your favorite cat.

Beds, which is attached to okoshku

For fans soak up the sunshine.

Playing reaktsiyu

A game for those who are tired to carry the fingers under the blanket to attract the attention of his moustached pet. In addition, the fingers under the blanket can sometimes "fall victim" overheated hunter.

Cocoon, where you can spryatatsya

Hidden cat tualet

Scoop for cleaning cat tualeta

With dliiiiiinnoy handle.

Scallop for shersti

For cats who like to take care of themselves.

Bun, where you can pogretsya

Thing is, while the owner is not home.

Extra bed in krovati

Usually such things do for children. But your cat, too, earned his bed.

Toy solar batareyah

And Kitty fun, and you do not expensive.

A separate table for the curious druga

Finally, you can continue to work!

And if it will not work,
buy him the cheapest klaviaturu

Let feels party workflow.

Massage center "Cat's Paradise"

Transparent bird feeder - the best TV for your pitomtsa


Where even the cat home can be a breath of fresh air.

Cover to protect divana

This thing you can do yourself. Sofa will long serve.

Personal dvertsy

Tired of constantly admitting and releasing the animal? Is there a good way out!

Lock the door, which allows
pass only kotu

And the dogs have to find another way out.

Hammock under the table and stulom

Now you know that your Barsik always there.

The gun, a loaded kormom

This piece will amuse even the laziest cat. Furry animal will jump in hopes to grab a piece of food.

Caps for kogtey

No one else scored with a new sofa.

Designed for cats (part 2)
25 amazing ideas of design furniture for cats



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