10 autumn books that inspire and warm

When October comes into its own, and the bad weather outside becomes unbearable, most want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and stock a huge cup of cocoa with a portion of cookies. And it's great when you can wrap yourself in a cozy and yet, a good story that reminds you of sunny days that will be a lot more.

Website has collected 10 such books. Read and keep warm.

Diana Wynne Jones' Howl's Moving Castle "This is a fairy tale, magic impregnated with the first page to the last, returns to his childhood with his unwavering belief in miracles and beautiful love story. The book is about Sophie and the mysterious enchanted magician Hole talks about how important it is just to believe in yourself, failure will accompany you as much as they'll let you do it.

Fannie Flagg 'Christmas and a red cardinal "Funky medical diagnosis, Oswald ran from a cold and wet Chicago to the south, in the town of Lost Creek, which is going to meet her last Christmas. Nothing good comes from the backwoods he does not expect, but the reality does not get tired to surprise him ... The book will appeal to all who yearned for the kind words and the light of history.

Gerald Durrell "Birds, Beasts, and Relatives" story "Birds, Beasts, and Relatives" - the second part of the trilogy of the famous writer and naturalist Gerald Durrell's childhood, spent on the Greek island of Corfu. Mentally and witty, he tells about the amazing animals and their funny habits. Reading the book, one realizes again how beautiful the world around.

Ray Bradbury's "The Machineries of Joy" These mechanisms are never failures. They are immutable, like a perpetual motion machine and snow at the top of Kilimanjaro. Because the man who created them - one of the world's best storyteller of all-time items Ray Bradbury, author, visionary, poet, for whom to invent mechanisms of joy - the same familiar craft, for a baker to make bread and for wine - wine.

Anna Gavalda "Simply Together" One of the most famous books by Anna Gavalda, poignant story of love and loneliness, full of laughter and tears, gracefully woven achingly familiar from everyday life, from the failures and inadvertent victories of accidents, and not very happy. Roman deservedly won millions of readers around the world.

Tove Jansson's "All about Moomins" Surprisingly, charming stories about the Moomins as grow with us. Reread today, they do not seem to you stupid, naive or childish. You will find in them what you need right now, and for you - a good quiet wisdom, a sense of love and security. And, of course, plenty of heat.

Stephen Chbosky "Good to be meek" This is a very honest book, a touching novel of growing up, which is called "The Catcher in the Rye," a new time. Charlie goes to high school. Fearing that he was waiting there after the recent nervous breakdown, he begins to write a letter to someone who had never seen, but who, he was sure it must be well understood.

Tinatin Mzhavanadze "Summer, grandmother and I." Here nineteen years of childhood and adolescence of a girl, the main role in which he played the grandmother. Strong, kind and caring Georgian grandmother, with all the ensuing consequences. The book is woven from individual real stories from life, funny, touching, poignant and joyful.

Joanne Harris "Chocolate" Roman delicacy, rich flavors of chocolate, chewy caramel, fresh pastries and mystery. Wind Carnival in the provincial town of Lanskne-sous-Tann brought beautiful strangers, mother and daughter. They open in the city of chocolate - and the lives of the townspeople changed forever. Compassion and Tolerance against dogmatism and rigidity of the local "decent" society. Who will win?

Karel Capek "Stories" Capek can without exaggeration be called a wonderful storyteller. His humorous sketches fun and exciting, each of which is a self-contained story. Stories are read avidly, but I did not leave feeling of satiety. On the other hand, I want more and more - as always happens with good literature.

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