10 extraordinary books that can change the consciousness

There challenging book. There are simple books. And there are those that grab you, carried away after a hero in the dark labyrinths of consciousness, grind, changing beyond recognition. This book-charades, deceiving the expectations of readers and makes out of the comfort zone.

Website has collected dozens of books for those who are not afraid to open ourselves in a new way. Be warned: there will be the same one.

Kazuo Ishiguro, "Never Let Me Go" modern parable, a fantastic story to wade shivering, absolutely realistic story - the story Ishiguro not let you go. People whose sad fate is predetermined, and they are not known in advance. They know what they live. They know what will die. And still go on their way. This is one of the most poignant stories of compassion and inhumanity.

Ian McEwan "Saturday" Renowned neurosurgeon Henry Perowne is quite satisfied with his life: he was able to be realized in the profession, and his wonderful family. But one ordinary Saturday morning changes everything: a chain of coincidences leads to unpredictable events. The orderly narrative turns into action-packed thriller, and he, in turn, suddenly turns into a philosophical parable.

Chuck Palahniuk "Fight Club" This is the most amazing and the most scandalous book of the 1990s. The book, in which the mouth of Chuck Palahniuk began to speak not just "Generation X», but «Generation X», already embittered, already taken aback their illusions. This is the last desperate attempt to become free. "The resurrection is possible only after the complete self-destruction. Only to lose all we gain freedom ».

J. M. Coetzee's "Slow Man" in a car accident the photographer Paul Rayment amputated leg, and his life changes dramatically. Paul refuses the prosthesis from the hospital and returned to his bachelor flat, falling into complete dependence on strangers. This book is about the world and man, the time and the fate of the eternal problems, which will not wave away like pesky flies by.

David Mitchell's "Cloud Atlas" Roman Mitchell can not "swallow" in a hurry. They should enjoy as an incredible symphony, the perfect consonance of the six instruments, six lives one soul. This is a book that everyone will understand completely their own way - she seemed a mosaic of different people which is folded completely different picture. Magic? No doubt. The magic word in its pure form.

Siri Hustvedt "What I loved" This is not just a novel, it is - a fragile and delicate gossamer memories. New York art critic Professor Leo Hertzberg recalls his life and long-term friendship with the artist Bill Wexler. Love affair, marriage, divorce, growing children, and the tragic events - in this book and lyrics intertwined dynamics. The author leads the reader graceful game. Fun guaranteed.

Mark Haddon "What happened
one night with a dog "Christopher Boone - fifteen and he was autistic. He knows the math and do not know the people. He can not stand touching himself hates some color and never went beyond the end of his street. But he has to investigate, which caused him to go far beyond their own world.

José Saramago "Double" Prose Saramago - thick, dense and rich in her plunge head - so it was a lot. The history teacher once remarked on the film and decided his double in that whatever was to find him, is a variation on the theme of research and understanding of himself in the world. Of course, this story is not as simple as it seems at first glance - you'll see it as soon as you start to read.

Henri Barbusse "Fire" This is probably one of the most honest and poignant novel about the war. It does not have the romance and poetry - only wicked, cynical truth that fire burns his hands and face. The truth about that war - it's dirt, stench, pain, death. This book wants to throw away at the same time to remember forever - so simple and frankly tells the author about what others are silent.

William Trevor "History of Lucy Gault" The couple Gault forced to leave his home in Ireland and go on a long exile. But in his native land is their nine-year-daughter, who was in a tragic coincidence, parents feel drowned. -Achingly sad story of a lost girl - or a whole lost families, lost or multiple people - reiterates how important it is to take care of loved ones and not lose yourself.

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