10 films that cast doubt on the reality

There are films that penetrate into the depths of the soul and overwhelmed by strong emotions. Other films act differently - they raise questions sharp and frightening, but pushing to enlightenment, a new outlook on life and reality.

Website gathered for you 10 films, after which you will never be the same.

Under the Skin / Under the Skin h3>

Seductive brunette with huge green eyes travels along the route Edinburgh - Glasgow, single men and leads them away ... In this mysterious film by Jonathan Glazer Scarlett Johansson has played perhaps the best role of his entire film career. Not fantastic, but not the drama, the film leaves the impression of a complex - can be questioned not so much the reality of life, but in reality his own skin ....

Enter the Void / Enter the Void h3>

"Enter the Void", in fact, the film adaptation of The Tibetan Book of the Dead ("Bardo Thedol"), which was created by director Gaspar Noé. Modern European view has done his work - the youth turned meditative art-house, who gives a kind of tribute to the Buddhist philosophy, which, however, may be to the taste is not all.

Samsara / Samsara h3>

A little Buddhism. Samsara (or samsara) - an endless cycle of death and rebirth. So this film, shot entirely on 70 mm film - hour and a half tour of the most amazing parts of the world. Sacred land area of ​​natural disasters, industrial sites, natural wonders - the diversity of life is like at your fingertips.

Being John Malkovich / Being John Malkovich h3>

Weird, weird, multi-layered film - are often not removed. History puppeteer loser named Schwartz, from which I feel like Shakespearean exclaim: "The whole world - theater. In the men and women - all the actors. " Who is the puppeteer and who doll? How to recognize the game and stop until your whole life does not turn into another person's life or the life of another person is does not become yours?

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives / Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives h3>

A picture is worth a look, if only because it is the first Thai film, which was awarded "Golden Palm". The main character, Uncle Boonmee, having lived the last days, goes on a journey to explore their own past lives. Much has changed in the face of death. And it is good to remember this always.

Open Your Eyes / Abre los ojos h3>

Where one ends and the other begins? Why dreams are what we see them? And if you open your eyes, whether the dream is over, and you start a reality? This film by Alejandro Amenabar at the time Tom Cruise was so impressed that he planned to make a remake of the picture and play a major role in it. That's right, it happened, "Vanilla Sky." But the original film, which also starred Penelope Cruz beautiful, the depth and intensity remake is not inferior.

Waking Life / Waking Life h3>

This philosophical parable full of Richard Linklater eternal questions and unexpected answers. Where each step generates new puzzles. Film - pulses of different thoughts, aimed straight at his head when the visualization, in fact, is not so important and therefore turns into a chaotic mass. Forms and objects blur, and there is only one question: Is my real life in general?

Ptah / Birdy h3>

Solid and tasty. Deeply and suddenly. The bright and vital. Sharply and clearly. You can pick up a lot of epithets to this film about the friendship between two dissimilar people - Al and Ptakha. One - merry-sloven, a favorite of women, and the other - a strange guy next door who always wind up with the birds. Their relationship is so impressive that you will certainly release their "bird out of the cage».

Flowers for Algernon / Des fleurs pour Algernon h3>

Shot on the short story by Daniel Keyes picture very precisely and vividly conveys the story of a down conversion into a genius. Film-emotion, the film-feeling film compelling as to empathize with and to think.

Solaris h3>

In general, all the works of Tarkovsky - a view of reality from a different angle. But "Solaris" is different in this particular. Everything here is mysterious, melancholy, soul aches and full of philosophical meaning. Around the planet Solaris is not the first space station spins. Scientists are trying to unravel the planet, but always behave inappropriately. At the station sent a psychologist, so he figured out the problem, but the problem quickly to deal with it.

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