50 full versions of proverbs and sayings


Some of the proverbs and sayings that are known to us for many years, the original was not quite like that. Or it becomes not quite so with the times.

In this article Website 50 collected proverbs and sayings that were actually or recently became longer.

Hunger is not an aunt, patty not podneset. a stitch, as sharp as an ax. Guba not fool, language does not shovel, knows where the sweet, knows where sweet. two of a kind, Both the left. For two hares chase - no wild boar will not catch. Let bygones - that bygones, And who will forget - that are both. Down and Out trouble started - there is a hole, will tear. Grandma wondered, half said : the Whether rain, or snow, or will be, or not Poverty - not a vice , great misfortune and In a healthy body healthy mind - a rare fortune Lucky as a Saturday drowned - it is not necessary to heat the bath Raven crow does not eat dog, and and pick out, but do not pull out It was smooth on paper, but they forgot about the ravines, and for them to go Fool least count teshi, he puts his two The maiden shame - to the threshold, forgot crossed The road spoon for dinner, and there is even a shop For broken two unbeaten give, but not hurt, then take Hare foot wear, wolf teeth feed, fox tail saves And business time, and before pleasure. Komar horse flocks, bear is not podsobit Hen pecks grain by grain, and the whole court in a litter Young curse - amuse, and the old curse - rage The opponent did not open his mouth loaf, Get up early so your picks On the angry carry water, and for a good ride for yourself Not all cat Shrovetide, will post Do not worry woodpecker that can not sing, it, and so the whole forest to hear Neither fish nor fowl, no coat or robe A new broom sweeps in a new way, as well as the break - lying under a bench One is a warrior, traveler and From the work horses die, and the people - stronger Double-edged sword, beats here and there Repetition - the mother of learning, consolation of fools Drunken reckless, a puddle - head over heels Dust pillar smoke yoke, and not hut fuels metena not Work - not a wolf in the forest will not escape, because it damned, and it is necessary to do Grow big, Yes Do not be noodles, tyanis miles, so do not be a simple One hand washes, Yes, both itching Birds of a feather flock together, because side and passes I get along with bees - get at Medco, a beetle bind - in manure find yourself Dog in the Manger is, she does not eat and does not give the beast The dog ate, tail choked The old horse furrow not spoil, and the deeply vspashet Slow and steady wins - on going from the place where you go Fear has big eyes, yes see nothing Mind House, Yes key is lost The bread on the table - a table and seat, and not a piece of bread - and a table board Marvels - a lot of holes, and there is no place to jump Hugger-mugger, and knot-here My tongue - my enemy, especially mind picks, looking for trouble Fools law was not written, If you write - do not read, if you read - it is not understood if understood - something is wrong. Old age is not a joy, you sit - do not get up, you will run - do not stop.

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