15 naughty quotes from the movie "Some Like It Hot"

¬ęSome Like It Hot" ("Some Like It Hot") - an easy family film, no longer, unfortunately, are not removed. This is one of those for a lifetime of memorable comedies that you can watch more than once and enjoy the wonderful game of great actors, witty remarks characters and very funny moments.

Website gathered quotes from the movie, which has given us so many healthy and sincere laughter.

These gangsters have shot the police find two female corpse, we will be taken to the women's morgue, and when we were there undress, I would die of shame! - Just look, that's gait. You know, even dizzy. She must have a motor inside: left-right, left-right ... - Why would a man marry a man?
- For reasons of safety. What to do? What to do? Legs shave! - This is it that, drunk or foolish?
- Hunger. In the stomach is empty, but my head is dizzy. Where thin - there and tear! - Never, Joe, we do not catch up with them.
- What are you afraid, you're not forced to have a baby! - Hey konservatorki, where you used to work? The dance class?
- No, at the funeral.
- Be kind, be resurrected from the dead. The pace, the girl at a pace. - You've studied at the conservatory?
- Yes, one year.
- You said - three?
- We released early for good behavior. - A cocktail whisk your wife?
- No, my valet.
- A signal on a yacht takes your wife?
- No, the butler. I'm not married, if you're interested. I do not care, is rich if he - if only he had a yacht, a private railroad and toothpaste under his name. - How they go to such kabluchischah ?! How do they keep the balance ?!
- They have a center of gravity in a different location. - Come evening, we listen!
- I do not know if I can, but I'll try ...
- Oh, please! If you do not come, we were very sorry! And the seizure of the boat! - I've been married seven or eight times.
- You're not sure?
- Account is my mother.
- He pinched me. You see what women? And I'm not even pretty.
- The main thing on your skirt. It is for them like a red rag to a bull.
- I'm tired of being a rag. Again, I want to be a bull.
- Look, I can not marry you!
- Why?
- Well, first, I'm not blonde!
- It's not scary.
- I smoke! Constantly!
- It's not a problem.
- I would never have children.
- Nothing to adopt.
- Lord, I am a man!
- Everyone has their own shortcomings.

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