10 ways to combat mosquitoes and their bites

Annoying mosquitoes can ruin the most beautiful holiday. These little bloodsuckers is akin to a natural disaster. And hide from them sometimes is not easy! Website divided tricks that can help ward off the ever-present insects and remain "uneatenĀ».

1. Essential Oils

The most suitable essential oils to combat the blood-sucking insects: lavender, valerian, eucalyptus, geranium, anise, thyme, mint, tea tree, camphor laurel, cedar. Methods of Use:

Moisten a piece of fleece in any of these oils and place "flavor" on a windowsill or near the pillow. Mix the selected essential oil to your cream. Rub the receipt of funds exposed areas of the body.

2. Indoor rasteniya

Spearmint, myrtle, rosemary and geranium - houseplants, repellency to its strong aroma. It is also one of the most potent home remedies are considered to be anti-mosquito leaves tomato.

3. Lemon gvozdikoy

Cut lemon and insert cloves into it. Put beside the bed and can sleep with the window open. The pleasant scent and a complete absence of mosquitoes guaranteed!

4. Homemade trap komarov

This mosquito trap works by attracting insects carbon dioxide released during fermentation of yeast. Mosquitoes can smell it, they fall into the trap and can not get back.

5. Conifer cones and mozhzhevelnik

Nature in the fight against mosquitoes to help spruce cones and twigs of juniper. It is enough to throw them into the fire, and the smell will scare away insects.

6. Prunus and ryabina

If you are outdoors, you need to rub the exposed areas of the body leaves rowan or wild cherry, and mosquitoes will no longer get.

7. Onions and chesnok

Recognized means itchy bites is the onion and garlic. Onion cut into two parts and is applied to the site of the bite. As for garlic, crushed 1 clove need and the resulting slurry to dissolve a small amount of water. Dampen a piece of cloth in the solution and apply to the site of the bite.

8. Soda

Baking soda is the simplest and most common home remedies for mosquito bites. Mix 3 teaspoons of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of water to form a thick paste. The resulting mass is put on the bite and let it dry.

9. Lemon Juice 57,273,433

The bite can also moisten with lemon juice.

10. Lozhka

Heat a spoon in hot water, then apply it to the bite. Spoon need to hold tightly to the skin for a few minutes. When you uncheck it, the itch to go through.

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