15 elegant and subtle quotes Alice Freundlich

Among the actresses have showy, bright, talented, and there is really charismatic, anyone not related. They are not afraid in their roles to be funny or ugly, and this their true beauty only gets more pronounced. One of these actresses - Alisa Freindlich.

< Website I admire the talent and wisdom of this amazing woman.

My only mistake: three-quarters of my life I thought that everything is still ahead. I'm not interested in people who do not give the soul. I have no pleasure seeing people together with other freedoms of their freedom of conscience. Loneliness - is when there is nobody to give yourself. The longer a person keeps his childhood, the longer it is stored on the nature of this talent. We painted the whole life that we do not know ourselves until the end. Stress - the best diet.

At one - work at the other - fate. Happiness - it's love. Although, if the love is not mutual, it is, of course, can hardly be called happiness, but inside it is still happy, because it is much harmonious, beneficial, it is much more important to love and not be loved. To be loved - is good, but to love - it's still inside a movement, the movement of your being. All my life I loved children's books and even now sometimes read now and then. Beauty educates people, it is one of the most important ways of moral influence. Sitting for a long time waiting for - somehow obscene. It is wasteful and unfair to their fate. Attraction mind generates respect and affection of the soul generates friendship, attraction of the body creates a desire. All of this is love. If one component is missing, you will get anything but love. «Ride" only on the fact that God has given, - it means very soon "fall off the horse». While you are young, you want to receive and to learn. When you are mature and have learned a lot, you want it to share, to give energy. And then, when you're already old, needed a near "gorshochnik" together to grow geraniums.

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