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Characters of many fairy tales were "sketched" the authors with real people. In the continuation of this post I want to talk about prototypes most famous and beloved children of the heroes, and how was the fate of these people.

Christopher Robin, son of British writer Alan Milne, Christopher Robin prototype in a collection of stories about Winnie-the-Pooh.
Later he wrote: "There were two things that marred my life, and from which I had saved: the glory of my father and" Christopher Robin ".

The family waited Milne girl and a boy was born, which became still nurture as a girl. Relationships with parents did not develop - the mother was occupied only a father - his creativity.

The child grew very kind, nervous and shy most of the time, alas, spending with a nanny. "Prototype simultaneously Christopher Robin and Piglet," then how about it will say psychologists.

Favorite toy Teddy Bear boy was London firm "Farnell", which his father gave him on the first day of birth.

He was the only friend, companion, and a little later the protagonist Alan Milne books about Winnie the Pooh.

With his father Christopher was not particularly close, and made friends with him, but when his mother left them, having left for three years to his lover. This time Christopher will be remembered as the happiest.

He fought during World War II, was wounded. The mother did not speak, or rather, she is with him: Dorothy Milne did not want to say goodbye to her son, even dying. After the war, he married his first cousin against the wishes of his father, to fear for their future offspring. And, in general, not in vain: the daughter of Christopher was born with cerebral palsy. Although Alan Milne has not found his granddaughter, he died three years before her birth ...

Alice Liddell - the prototype \ "Alice in Wonderland \ & quot; from the book by Lewis Carroll.
The daughter of the rector of the University of Oxford. She probably biography calmer.
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (working under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll) was a close friend of the family, often walked with Alice and her sisters, girls entertaining stories that he invented on the fly. Later, at the request of Alice Lewis wrote it, and two years later gave her the manuscript with the words \ "Christmas gift dear child in memory of a summer day \". The manuscript attached photograph of Alice made by himself.

Alice Liddell in 7 years, a photo of Lewis Carroll, 1859

Friendship with the girl was innocent, although the parents of Alice told how once Carroll appealed to them to allow him to ask for her hand when she grows up.

She lived a long life. Emerged successfully married, had three sons, two of whom died in the First World War.

After her husband's death in 1926, Alice, to pay utility bills auctioned Dodgson presented her handwritten copy \ "Alice \", which was sold at Sotheby's for 15,400 pounds ...

Peter Pan fairy tale of a Scotsman, James Barry. He is Michael Davis, the son of writer friends - Sylvia and Arthur Davis.
Generally the magical story of the eternal child, not wanting to grow old, Barry has dedicated his older brother, who died while skating on the day before their 9th anniversary.

And Davis knew long ago, was friends with all of their five sons, but it was a four-year, Michael - (brilliant boy, as they say), became the prototype of Peter Pan. Rather, his age, character traits and nightmares.

Years later, the boy's mother approached storyteller so that after the death of her husband divorced his wife and moved to Davis. However, they never got married - in 1910, Sylvia Davis died of inoperable cancer of the breast. After that, Barry became the guardian of her five sons.

Well, what Michael? The boy grew up, and shortly before his 21st birthday drowned with her lover in the pond a few miles from Oxford ...



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