Strong real friendship

True love and friendship are rare in the glory of Hollywood.
This story about true friendship of two talented actors:
Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve.

Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve first met while studying at
Juilliard School - they were roommates.
Then their friendship was born ...

Before they became popular, they gave each other a promise:
if one of them succeeds, he will support his less fortunate friend

But they both made a successful career and still remain close friends

After Christopher at the races fell from his horse and broke his neck vertebrae, he was paralyzed.
But Robin did not give up wheelchair-bound friend ...

When Christopher was preparing for surgery, the chances of survival in which there were 50 to 50,
in his room he bursts into a man in a yellow surgical gown, blue hat and glasses,
which with a terrible Russian accent said he proctologist and will conduct a survey Reeve.
It was Williams, who has decided to lift the mood of a friend. Reeve then wrote:
"For the first time after the accident, I laughed.
My old friend helped me to believe what happened to me to be all right, no matter what ┬╗.

Robin volunteered to cover all the expenses that could not afford the family Riva ...

... And Christopher helped with the creation of the fund for paralyzed

The two were closest friends until his death in 2004, Riva



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