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Ireland - a harsh land where even the tales about leprechauns gold saturated with a simple unpretentious humor. These people do not ask questions about the search for meaning in life. He knows exactly how to live: honestly, without unnecessary worry, and most importantly - fun and cunning. To have something to remember for a beer and something to tell the grandchildren.

Website relished daring Irish philosophy.

good laugh and plenty sleep - these are the two best cure for any ailment. Three kinds of men who do not understand women: young, old and middle-aged . From the feminine beauty cauldron boils, but without it is full. Let every day of your life together will be worse than the next. Scary is not to die, but afraid not to live. Before marrying her eyes wide open, after his marriage - close. If the whiskey can not cure the disease - it is hopeless. < / We are not retreating - we are stepping in the other direction. It is better to go back to the middle of the ford than drown. If the cat is long waits mouse from mink, then she has every chance of success. Baba and ... can handle. When God made time, he made it enough. Earnings men could not see on his clothes and on the clothes of his wife. Love at first sight often comes at twilight. Three things should not boast : the size of the purse, the beauty of his wife, and the taste of its beer. In the world, only one can be better than a good wife - no wife. Three things you should not do : throw a stone into the water, be advised that some angry woman and talk to a fool. Smart diplomat always understand when you can send a man to the ..... and when to prepare for the worst . Love gone with his wife and a secret - his mother. If you love her, and dressed in rags, your love will live until the end of life. Better Minute be coward than a dead all my life. Try to slip into heaven half an hour before your death will know the devil.



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