Actors of the film "Guest from the Future" 30 years later

beautiful and good movie about a girl Alice and mielofon who reads thoughts about space pirates and brave boy Kolya we watched as a child, spellbound. A song about "Beautiful far" and is now known to every schoolboy.

Website goes through photos of actors then and now. It's like classmates meet 30 years later.

Julia and Alice Selezneva

Actress Mariana Ionesyan and Natalia Murashkevich (Gusev).

Space Pirates and Merry have Krys

Actors Vyacheslav Innocent (1934-2009) and Mikhail Kononov (1940-2007).

Kohl Gerasimov

Actor Alexei Fomkin (1969-1996).

Fima Korolev

Actor Ilya Naumov.

Lena Dombazova

Actress Natalia Shanaeva.

Kohl Sulima

Actor Anton Sukhoverko.

Schoolgirl Kosmoporta

Actress Inna Gomes (Churkin).

Boris Messerer

Actor Alexei Ants.

Kohl Sadovskiy

Actor Simon Buzgan.

Robot Verter

Actor Yevgeny Gerasimov.

The teacher Alla Sergeevna

Actress Ekaterina Vasilyeva.

Grandmother Julia Gribkovoy

Actress Lyudmila Arinina.

Coach March Erastovna

Actress Natalya Varley.

Father Paul, a man in the street XXI veka

Actor Vladimir Spout.

Researcher Electron Ivanovich

Actor Igor Yasulovich.

An employee of the Institute of time Polina

Actress Elena Metelkina.

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