Master published homework for the summer for students, and famous throughout the world

Italian teacher Cesare Kata school Polo Scolastico Paritario Don Bosco in the seaside town of Fermo gave his students homework for the summer of 15 points. And, perhaps, it is the best thing he could do for them!

Website publish homework already collected tens of thousands of likes in the network. That's what it means to love your job and take care of children.

Go for a walk in the morning along the coast all alone, looking at the sun glare on the water and think about what makes you happy. Be sure to use new words , which we have learned this year. The more you can tell, the more interesting you can think of, and the more you will have thought, the freer you are. Read! Many as you can. But it is not because you have to. Read because summer inspires dreams and adventure, and reading - it's like flying. See, because it's the best form of rebellion (for advice on what to read, come to me). Avoid anything that brings you a feeling of emptiness and negative (things, situations and people). Look for inspiration and friends who enrich you, who understand and appreciate you for what you are. If you feel sadness and fear, do not worry: the summer, just like any other wonderful thing in life can lead the soul into confusion. Keep a diary describing how feel (and in September, if you want, we venerate together). dance and do not hesitate to do. Everywhere, anywhere: even on the dance floor, at least in my room alone. Summer - a dance, and foolish not to take part in it. At least once go to meet the dawn. Stand quietly and breathe deeply. Close your eyes and feel the gratitude. It is a lot of sports. If you met someone who loved you, tell him or her it is so beautiful and convincingly as you can. Do not be afraid to be misunderstood. If nothing happens - it means not destiny, and if you understand and answer, the summer 2015 you spend together, and it will be a golden time. (In case of failure, return to step 8). Re-read summaries of our lessons compare all what we read, so what's going on in your life. Be as happy as sunlight , and the same free and untamable as the sea. Please do not swear. Be polite and kind. Watch good movies with deep emotional dialogue (if you can, in English), at the same time to improve my English and develop the ability to feel and dream. Suppose that a movie does not end for you, along with the closing credits, living it again and again, turn it into an experience this summer. Summer - it's magic. in the sparkling sunshine in the morning and hot summer nights dream about what can and should be life. Do your best to never give up on the way to a dream. Be good.



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