23 new books are definitely worth reading to your children

Grandparents read us poems Agnes Barto and Corneille Chukovsky tales Victor Dragoon and Nikolay Nosov, Andersen's fairy tales, fairy stories Tove Jansson and Astrid Lindgren. And this is good. But over the last 10 years in Russia there is a new and no less interesting children's literature.

Website publishes a list of 23 books that exactly like modern children.


"The Very Hungry Caterpillar»,
Eric Carle Eric Charles, the famous American artist and writer of children, many fine books, but the most famous of all - "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." There are not more than 200 words that parents read aloud in 24 languages ​​for the past 40 years.

"Mimbo-Jimbo paints»,
Strid, Jakob Martin Strid, Jakob - famous Danish artist and writer, winner of several awards. And he knows how to make a joke so funny it was even almost babies. Actually, his series of books about the elephant Mimbo-Jimbo and is intended for very young children.

"Summer Book" Susanne Berner Summer book introduces beginning readers with all the inhabitants of the small town - people and animals. Picture book Suzanne - it is also an excellent tool for teaching children retelling, the story of the picture, remembering, as well as speech therapy sessions.

"Meow," Alexander Vvedensky "Once there was a cat shaggy legs. She was Bezrodnaya and homeless. It was not her father or mother, and the house was not there. She got up in the morning, run around the yard, looking for food for themselves, she was a beggar ».


"Oh, you, Benny!" Barbro Lindgren, Barbro Lindgren - Swedish writer of world renown, author of books for children and teenagers, publishes many thousands of copies. This book is ideal for reading aloud. Illustrations incredibly good, as if each picture!

"Lots about Mulla Meca»,
Georg Johansson One could say that George Johansson - a favorite author of the boys with an engineering mind, if he did not like the book and the girls. Hero Mulla with the dog Buff from improvised rubbish build everything: car, boat, airplane, etc..

"Tales of mothers", Sergei Sedov, the question whether there is a level of modern Russian storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, can be lightly to give an affirmative answer is Sergei Sedov. It is fun and accessible to explain to children how really hard parent share.

"Ernest and Celestine»,
Gabrielle Vincent world famous Belgian artist Vincent Gabriel brought a series of children's picture books about the adventures of a good-natured bear Ernest and Celestine baby. The whole palette of feelings on the person: Children's resentment, jealousy, confusion, and love in all its manifestations.


"Adventures of the Little cod" Olav Coucheron ingenuously popular scientific tale. Why fish never sink? What happens if I touch the tentacles of a jellyfish? The book answers these questions and many more, offering the child to go on a journey with a fun fish named Trond.

"Amazing Mr. Fox" by Roald Dahl Matilda - and very clever little girl. She learned to read at 3 years, and most of all loves books. Author ridicules stupidity and limited adults and allows the mind and justice triumph over them.

"Most of the little girl," Maria Bershadskaya "Most little girl" named Jack is going through a difficult age - her 7 years. On the one hand, it is large, is able to peel potatoes and soon will go to school. On the other - she is the youngest in the family, and even rate her senior year! In general, it is difficult to be a big and a small once.

"All of the little Nicolas»,
René Goscinny in the middle of the last century artist Jean-Jacques Sampo came up with funny boy and made a series of drawings about it. The result was a story that has been over half a century the whole world reads avidly.

"Hound Dog", Daniel Pennac world through the eyes of a homeless dog who has come a long way from homelessness to a person who does not need a dog less than what the owner.


"Summer", Zina Surova Collection of creative tasks and cognitive games. How to make a kite and twist the huge nest? How to arrange a pond in the bank and grow a butterfly from a caterpillar? Shadow Theatre, homemade fountain, boats ... Ideas will be enough for the whole summer, and not even one.

"Tonya Glimmerdal" Maria Parr Girl Tonya nicknamed "storm Glimmerdala" - the only child in a remote village of the Norwegian. Tonya 10 years, it has snow-cats and a strong belief that the most important thing in life - and the rate of self-esteem. This is a book that sometimes children are much wiser than adults, helping them come to terms with its past and enjoy the present.

The series "Other, Others, on the other»,
Ulitskaya author Ludmila Ulitskaya project. With its filing, different authors have written books for children just about everything: language and communication, birth and death, about human rights, money, family, history of costume, national cuisine and culture.

"My Past and Thoughts Dog Dita»,
Lyudmila Ruskin best children's books are often not thought of as a book, and even more so for children. Lyudmila Ruskin not a writer, she was a chemist. And the memories that came from her pen, originally intended solely for intra-reader.

"The boy who wanted to become a man," Jorn Riel History Viking boy Leyva, who as a result of a shipwreck gets to Greenland Eskimos. He learns to speak the local language, take from nature only what is necessary. Whether a small Viking, growing up, to renounce revenge, wealth and power?


"Say, Little Red Riding Hood»,
Beate Teresa mechanics Many 13-year-old girls with puberty covering her head. They think that the world has become hostile to them that their loved ones do not understand that parents do not need them. But what about those whose feelings are caused not wake hormones, and objective reality?

"The Giver," Lois Lowry Teens - maximalists and idealists. They tend to be judged harshly and "dominant" lived 13 years. In a risky move - to talk with the future adults of an ideal world - decided American writer Lois Lowry.

"Sugar baby" Olga Gromova Olga Gromova's book "Sugar baby" recorded it with the words Nudolskoy Stella, whose childhood had at the end of the 30's - early 40-ies in the Soviet Union.

"When the rest angels»,
Marina Marina Aromshtam Aromshtam novel "When the rest angels" received the National children's literary prize "secret dream" Prize for the discovery of the children's appreciation and the world of reading "Thinking about The Little Prince».

"Where there is no winter," Dean Sabitova mother 13-year-old Pasha and 8-year-old Gul disappear, and to the children who remain only for adult doll Skein, looming prospect of a children's home. As brother and sister did not give up and stay home? Babies have to go through a lot of tests to learn a lot about his family and surrounding people.

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