What you need to eat to grow muscle 11 products with the highest protein content.

Good physical shape - this is where a lot of muscle, faster metabolism, nothing and nowhere to hang a person feels wonderful. For some it is - a natural state, but most people apply a valiant effort to look great. Sport solves only half the problem with the state of the body is very important as the food! We offer the 11 best foods that are rich in protein. If you make up your menu on the principle of the protein diet, the muscles will grow faster, and fat - to melt. In addition, it is delicious!

1. Cheese
150 g of cottage cheese = 22 grams of protein. Cottage cheese for a long time gives a feeling of satiety and helps to maximize muscle growth in a short time. If you eat cheese with nuts, seeds and carrots, you provide the body with calcium margin: in conjunction with these products it is perfectly be acquired.

2. Salmon
Secret oily fish that are present in its composition proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. Acids help proteins are fully understood and stimulate the metabolic processes in the body.

3. Oatmeal
This porridge - a source of complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested and permanently energized. Oatmeal - Whole-grain product, it contains a lot of fiber. This is useful for the intestine, accelerates metabolism, ensures a feeling of satiety for a long time. Oatmeal also contains vegetable protein! The diet of the athlete, it is indispensable ...

4. Buckwheat
100 g = 18 g buckwheat protein. Buckwheat support your body slow carbohydrates with high nutritional value and give additional material for muscle growth.

5. Beef
This is lean meat - a quality source of protein. Give up the pork, and you will see how to improve the condition of your body!

6. Fish Oil
Fish oil helps to speed up metabolism and faster recovery after workouts. This is an affordable product, as opposed to fatty fish, which is recommended for athletes on a daily basis for good athletic performance.

7. Turkey
Besides protein, turkey meat contains minerals and vitamins. Turkey also contains phosphorus - almost in the same amount as a fish. Phosphorus has a positive effect on the brain, nervous system, and helps to train without muscle pain.

8. Chicken breast
100 g breast = 22 g protein. No fat, only essential amino acids, only use!

9. Water
The process set muscle digestion plays a major role. If you drink too little water, the metabolic processes in the body will not take place correctly. 2 liters of water a day an athlete should drink a must! Because muscles 80% water.

10. Eggs
1 egg = 6-8 g of protein. The eggs of the presence of zinc, iron, calcium. The main rule - no more than 10 eggs a week to protect themselves from high levels of cholesterol in the blood.

11. Bean
Peas, beans, kidney beans, lentils - herbal foods high in protein. They are good because they almost completely devoid of fat, but not inferior in quality protein meat products!

To increase muscle mass, you have to train with weight and improve their nutrition. But protein diet is suitable not only sportsmen: the abundance of protein foods promotes healthy weight loss. To adhere to the regime, nourishing diverse! Seafood, nuts, seeds, cheese, soy - such food is also rich in protein.

If you have friends athletes treated them with protein food - they will be very grateful.

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