11 funny bull that parents make a fool of her children

No one better than the parents of preschool children do not know that sometimes lie - the only means of salvation. And they come up with more and more new pugalki by which sometimes fails to curb its real funny detey.Sayt sought recognition of resourceful parents who are shared with each other in social networks.

1. When my daughter was little, I convinced her that by lying on his forehead red dot appears. It worked, I know that when any lie she still struggled, her hand involuntarily stretched to cover the forehead.

2. When my son's favorite toy (terrible was tarahtelka) batteries run out, I said that other such shops are not for sale, and they can not be replaced.

3. My roommate at the university hostel grown on the farm. Her parents convinced her that the TV can only work in the rain. She believed in a very, very long time.

4. I was told that for each person there is a limit of 10 000 words a month. If a person exceeds the limit, then it loses the physical ability to speak, until it is next month. When my father got tired of my talk, it was enough to say: "Be careful. You've already spent 9000 words. " I immediately fell silent.

5. We were able to feed our daughter to fish, telling her that it was "the Argentine chicken." This trick worked perfectly, until my grandmother came and passed us to the fullest. Thank you, Grandma.

6. The grandfather said that my belly button connects to sing a special tube. If I pick the navel and unscrewed it, then the priest will fall off. Absolutely.

7. My mom said that if you eat a lot of vegetables, then at some point they will taste like candy.

8. I once told his son that if he does not learn to read, then it will disappear voice. It so happened that he soon fell ill and hoarse. After this man was so frightened that he became the first student in the class, at least in reading.

9. My mother told my sister that Interactive fairy off the internet every night at six o'clock sharp.

10. When my mother came to pick up my brother from kindergarten, I always questioned governess in detail what he did during the day. Then, on the way home, she discussed with her brother's behavior, saying that watching him on a special channel.

11. When I was little and we went to the store, my mother said: "Whenever you are up for something then you touch somewhere dies kotёnochek».

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