This camera does not allow you to make a banal picture. Already I am dreaming of this!

In pursuit of originality, many of us are starting to make pictures that really only confirm all the paucity of imagination of authors. Just imagine how many people have "propped up" Leaning Tower of Pisa or "held in the palm of" the Egyptian pyramids. Designer and photographer Philippe Schmitt is so tired of seeing all of this, he decided to create a special camera that refuse to do banal images. This camera is equipped with access to the Internet and before you want to take a picture, it analyzes how many photos have been made in this place. If there were too many shots, the camera simply will not take pictures, thereby encouraging you to find a new angle.

It looks like this device.

Too many pictures, you can not shoot here!

Oh, that's like only 27 shots, not too corny, you can try ...

By the way, the body of this camera was printed on 3D-printer.

And so it looks like an exploded ...

And finally the video.

//Что-то This, of course, is there, but still if you do not have photos in the collection of the most famous places in the world, with this camera, and they will not appear. If you like this idea, you will certainly tell about it to their friends.



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